Bathroom decor tips for the new homeowner

Bathroom decor tips for the new homeowner

Previously on this blog, we've been exploring some tricks of the trade for new homeowners who may not be that experienced in furnishing their residence. From custom window treatments to must-have accessories, there's a seemingly endless list of ways that you can customize your domestic experience.

In today's article, we'll focus on how you can give your bathroom a one-of-a-kind appearance. Residential decor is an exciting opportunity to let your artistic side run free, so don't be afraid to make a purchase or two that's simply for show.

According to Salt Lake Magazine, a Utah-based home design publication, there are a number of items that you need to buy for your bathroom to make it truly unique. One of the most interesting suggestions is to include hooks on your towel rack. That way, you can hang just about anything you need far more conveniently, which is essential in the bathroom if you are getting ready for a big event and don't want to drop anything on the ground. Typically, folks put their more expansive towel racks on the door, which keeps clutter off the walls and allows you to spread out more comfortably.

Another worthwhile investment are window coverings that match your bathroom's color scheme. As windows are usually the focus point for our eyes when we enter a room, it's important that you buy the right furnishings that tie the aesthetic together. Our home decor specialists at Metropolitan Window Fashions can help you choose the right look for you bathroom depending on the palette that you have selected.

Unsure of where to begin? We sell a wide range of curtains and window treatments that you will simply love. Call us today or visit our showroom to get started!