7 Ways to Successfully Decorate a Shared Space

7 Ways to Successfully Decorate a Shared Space

Sometimes, it takes more than one person to come up with the right home decor. Whether it's a five-bedroom home or a couple's cozy apartment, choosing the best interior styles and materials is often a job that requires everyone's say. To pick the right custom curtains and drapes, you and your other co-habitants may have to collaborate to come up with a solution that you all agree on.

If you haven't lived with another person before, aren't used to redesigning an apartment or simply need help coming up with a compromise, here are some tips for working together to make a space really shine, from the beginning of the process to the end:

Figure out just how much space a redesign will need to cover before you even start talking about how to do it.

  • Decide which spaces to redecorate: The simplest part, but also the most essential. What needs to be changed? Go room by room throughout the house and figure out just how much space a redesign will need to cover before you even start talking about how to do it. 
  • Designate individual spaces: To make redecorating a little easier, you can give each person their own space to take charge of. That removes the responsibility of successfully decorating everything from one person's shoulders, and also lets people with conflicting ideas worry solely about their own specific sections. For instance, one could choose the furnishings for the dining room and kitchen, while another could design the living room and bathroom.
  • Decide which elements are staying or going: Not everything necessarily has to be replaced. Maybe something looks good in one room, or would work better with a different color scheme for the walls. You can save yourself some trouble by setting aside what, if any, parts of the decor should stay early on.
  • Look for inspiration in other homes: Don't limit yourselves when you are first starting to consider a new look for a space. Pick a wide range of different possibilities to start with, then go over them later one by one to narrow the list down. You can take ideas from homes that you like, or photos that you find online, and keep them in mind when actually making these changes later on. Some good online sources for ideas include Pinterest or Houzz, where you can see some of the latest housing styles.
  • Find elements of style everyone can appreciate: By reviewing all of the different fabrics, colors and styles together, you and your roommates, family or partner will have the chance to talk about your likes and dislikes, and perhaps find something you can all agree on. Looking at all of the available options at once could be enough to help someone who had previously not been interested come up with something they definitely like.
  • Choose the necessary pieces: Once you know which elements work for everybody involved, it's time to decide how to best put them to use. Find custom window coverings, wall hangings and other pieces to match the designs you have already decided on. Use this time to address the specific parts of each room that you want to change 
  • Reach out to design professionals: Of course, to do this right, you will need advice from experienced decorators. Seek out experts to help you take the next step and start making your decorating plans come true. If you've prepared well beforehand, they will have more of an understanding of what exactly you are looking for. 
An interior decorator can step in once you've consulted everyone else in the home for opinions.An interior decorator can step in once you've consulted everyone else in the home for their opinion.

Finding an experienced consultant can be the capstone to all of this preparation, and the moment when you finally start to see it all come together. Contact Metropolitan Window Fashions to set up a free, at-home consult with one of our design specialists and we'll help you find out the right window option for you.