7 ways to make a more relaxing home

7 ways to make a more relaxing home

We've already discussed the ways that certain decor schemes can help homeowners get a better night's sleep in the bedroom. However, this isn't the only room in the house that can stand to benefit from an added sense of relaxation. By making conscious adjustments throughout your home, you can help create feelings of peace and calm all over — anywhere you want to sit and unwind, you can.

The way you dress your windows plays a part in this, especially when included as part of a makeover that removes the stress-causing elements from your current decor. Here are some good ideas to make everyone in your house "chill out" and feel more at ease:

  • Dress up a window seat: There's nothing like relaxing in a comfortable window bed with soft cushions and a nice view of the outdoors. Kate Burt of Houzz recently recommended this as a nice touch in a home, and advised anyone interested to pick a seat that's the right height and width to accommodate users. Soft pillows and a nice covering help, as do custom window coverings that enhance the feeling but won't get in the way.
  • Choose blankets for color and warmth: Blankets are obvious aids to help you keep out the chill and feel pampered — the thicker the better! But they can also add to the overall theme of the room by matching the color on the walls, carpet and curtains or continuing a certain pattern in the wallpaper. Lay a blanket over the back of a couch, as designer Joanna Cohlan suggests, to display a blanket, and you can also easily access them when things get too cold. Position the furniture so these are visible as soon as someone enters the room.
  • Pick lighting fixtures that feel homey: Writing for the Wall Street Journal, Alexa Brazilian expresses a love for what she calls "personality lights," meaning light sources that are both functional and visually attractive. She specifically suggests lamps with stands that resemble unusual things such as knotted tree branches. Something creative like this can still be reassuring, so that, when adjusted, the light coming from it feels nice and inviting.
  • Use natural light strategically: At the same time, the natural light present in a space shouldn't be neglected. Install custom window blinds that are easy to adjust so a complementary amount of light can be let in from outdoors. You should be able to decide for yourself exactly what amount works for you, based on the number of light fixtures you're using and the placement of other windows throughout the room.

    Install custom window blinds that are easy to adjust so a complementary amount of light can be let in.

  • Minimal furniture could help you calm down: If you want to turn a room into a full-fledged "nook" or hideaway, condensing the amount of furniture present will make finding a place to plop down much easier. Get rid of unnecessary chairs and tables, and what you'll be left with is a pleasingly empty room that's easy to tidy up and happily devoid of clutter. A room with just a single comfortable sofa is even better. This could also be useful for creating a special space for artistic pursuits or yoga, with natural lighting and lots of room to better give you the chance to concentrate.
  • Light colors make for better rest: As Bryan Rafanelli said in a 2012 piece for the Huffington Post, white furniture is useful for creating a pleasant, secure-seeming space to enjoy. "Everything in the room doesn't have to be white," he added. "It could be soft white fabrics or big fluffy pillows."
These tips can help make a room in your home more relaxing.These tips can help make a room in your home more relaxing.

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