7 Reasons To Choose Hunter Douglas Shutters For Your Home

7 Reasons To Choose Hunter Douglas Shutters For Your Home

Trying to find the perfect additions to your most prominent windows can take a healthy amount of research on your part. The professionals at Metropolitan Window Fashions can make choosing the best window setting a simpler process, and one that best meets the needs of your home's decorative scheme.

The shutter products specifically offered by Hunter Douglas are one of our specialties, and homeowners with vastly different styles will all see improvements when they purchase some of these custom shutters for their rooms.

Hunter Douglas Heritance Shutters will be custom fit for any window frame.Hunter Douglas Heritance® Hardwood Shutters will be custom fit for any window frame.

Not sure about selecting shutters? Read these reasons for why they are important and what the Hunter Douglas creations specifically can bring to a space:

Homeowners with vastly different houses can still see improvements when they purchase some of these custom shutters for their rooms.

  • Add value to a home: Writing for the Daily Republic, a news source for Mitchell, South Dakota, Susan Tjarks says that shutters have long-term benefits, shutters continue to bring something to a space long after installation. "Perhaps the most interesting trend regarding shutters is that the real-estate industry has begun recognizing the value interior shutters add to a home," she says. "Home appraisers are likely to include shutters when evaluating a home—making them a real return on investment for owners."
  • Comfort is guaranteed: Everyone has different definitions of what makes a space comfortable. Choosing the shutters themselves, with the help of home design consultants, will give homeowners the specific feeling they want from a space and inform what further additions they may make later.
  • Different means of opening and closing: Hunter Douglas shutters can be set up to open and close in various ways, based on the size of the window and the amount of space available. Some examples include mounting shutters on a bypass track so they slide, or using a hinged system to open them outward. The versatility they bring doesn't limit the durability of each piece and means the same strength will be seen in every setting. 
  • Fit unique frames: For a continuous look that makes the entire room feel coherent, consider adding a matching type of shutters to every window, including those with special styles and shapes. This does more than just look great: it also ensures that natural light will be filtered into the room the same way, creating a consistently comfortable ambience. Shutters are perfect for glass sliding doors as well as traditional windows, or both if the home features a mix of these.   
  • Polished wood finish: The classic Heritance® Hardwood Shutters contribute a refined sense of decor to homes with their authentic wood and custom finishing. No matter which color or stain homeowners decide on, the high quality of the wood distinguishes these shutters and makes the room memorable. Guests will be able to see the lavish degree of detail and appreciate the care taken in choosing them.
  • Sturdy, but still adjustable: The hardware that comes with these shutters will keep them mounted in place while still allowing homeowners to adjust them to their preference. This is true for both the wooden Heritance® collection and the Palm Beach® Polysatin Shutters, which use an aluminum bracing and special compound to withstand humid conditions.
  • Top treatments are a cinch: Along with the shutters, homeowners can find matching top treatments that complement the style they've chosen for an added flourish. With the already high-quality Hunter Douglas pieces, an extra top treatment will be especially strong and make each window more unique.

If you live in New York or New Jersey and need a special treatment to help your windows stand out, look for shutter specialists in the area that will customize shutters to be a natural fit for you. Contact Metropolitan Window Fashions and set up a free at-home consultation for more information.