6 Ways Upholstering Could Improve Your Home

6 Ways Upholstering Could Improve Your Home

Old furnishings will feel new and fresh again after being reupholstered. If you've had the same furniture for some time, you may not have realized how it has changed. Fortunately, addressing the upholstery can always bring a transformative, new energy into the home, no matter what state the original piece is in. 

New upholstery could make an old chair or couch vibrant and new again.New upholstery could make an old chair or couch vibrant again.

Homeowners should feel comfortable with upholstering because this process gives them the freedom to choose specific treatments for items in their house. Whatever the style or shape, upholstering gives you several options for refurbishing the fabric and making it, and everything around it, distinctive.

Here are some more reasons to work with professional upholsterers to revitalize couches, seats and beds:

Old furnishings will feel new and fresh again after being reupholstered.

  • Go from old to bold: Designs that seem dated or out of place in your room could be replaced with new ones that are colorful and feel more like they belong in the room you've always wanted. The main colors featured in any home often evolve over time and its contents should as well.
  • Fix damaged fabrics and save money on furniture: Upholstery will allow you to save a favorite piece of furniture, whether it is suffering ordinary wear and tear or accidental damage. We provide a new fabric style that replaces the old material in a way that fits in with the framework of the original piece. For chairs that feature bright colors or notable patterns on the seat area, this can make sure that it remains visually appealing. Update the material of a classic furniture item to suit it better for extended use, and add slipcovers for another layer of protection.
  • Make found furniture fit: Finding used furniture in New York City is like getting a gift, as long as you give it a refreshment in fabric. With some work, the good, strong parts that are still intact will be saved while the softer material is replaced with something beautiful and enduring. This is not only a gain for your home, but an environmentally-friendly way to recycle perfectly usable furniture framework.
  • Prepare a guest room for new company: Want to make your guests feel extra-comfortable when they stay over? Have fun with available fabrics and reupholster the furniture in the guest room to make a comfortable sanctuary of style for visitors to enjoy.
  • Reimagine multiple pieces at the same time: To change the general decor of a whole room, homeowners should consider redoing more than one chair, couch or sofa and make sure they all match the decor. Because we offer such a large range of fabrics, picking the right one for different upholstering jobs is easy and within reach. You don't have to choose the exact same one, either, but can find styles that work with each other, depending on the setting.
  • Work with older styles or create a vivid contrast: Furniture that has been inherited can come with bed frames or chair backs that have a special "old world" look to them. Homeowners might want to redo the pieces so the cloth included matches their own sense of style. On the other hand, you are free to go the other route and pick a modern pattern that makes an eye-catching contrast to give it more interest.

Metropolitan Window Fashions makes it simple to choose the best fabrics for an upholstery job and will provide many unique options. Contact us today to learn more and set up a free at-home consultation session.