6 ways to make a large space more cozy

6 ways to make a large space more cozy

Fall and winter are wonderful times for gathering with family, creating a homey atmosphere and settling in for cozy days by the fire. But after a summer of long hot days, and an unseasonably warm start to fall in most parts of the country, many people remove bulky items and throw accents around the house to create a light and airy living space. With that in mind, it is no wonder that many homeowners are finding it difficult now to shift their focus and redecorate their homes for a heavier, layered and more comfortable aesthetic for winter.

It is especially challenging when the architecture of your home allows for an airiness all on its own. If you have a home with large rooms, you will know that finding the decor to make them cozy can be difficult. But with these easy steps, you will be able to enjoy a winter's worth of comfort in your plush, warm and welcoming space.

Here are a few ideas to keep in mind:

Art – As we have discussed in previous posts, artwork can be a great asset for large or small areas. In a small home, it can add the punch of color that would simply be overpowering if painted on the whole wall. In a large space, it can really break up all the blank walls to make the room feel lived-in and comfortable. Check out our previous post on how to properly design a focus wall for your artwork!

Plants – While sometimes we like the way that regular-height ceilings feel in a room, when you have a house with vaulted or higher-than-average rooflines, it might be nice to accentuate that space. A great way to do that is with tall potted plants alongside windows, or tucked into a corner. The trick is incorporating plants that are fed by the amount of sunlight your home naturally gets.

Privacy – During the summer, we are willing to bare all in bikinis and swim trunks, and open our windows and shades to let in the summer sunshine. But come fall, we want some layers back and a bit of privacy too! One great way to accomplish this in a large space is to install custom window shades or shutters for a personal yet simplistic look.

Ottoman – Many people love the look of a rustic coffee table in the center of their living room, but substituting in an upholstered ottoman can add a softness and a warmth to the room. Use a tray or cutting board lain over the top to put drinks or flowers, and your ottoman will act as a great foot rest and focal point of the room.

Second seating – In a large room, there is plenty of space to create nooks and personal areas for each member of the family. Having the general seating area for the family to use is a great way to bring people together, but having a quaint reading nook or drawing area in one corner adds a personal flair.

Two tone walls – This is a great design trick ideal for big rooms. By painting the bottom half of a wall one color, and the top half a lighter color, you draw the eye to the center of the wall and away from the height of the ceilings. Using wainscotting or a simple, taped-off line to create the break will make this process much easier.

When it comes to accentuating a large space, there is nothing better than adding in custom window treatments to create the aesthetic that works for your family. To learn how Metropolitan Window Fashions can help, contact us today for a free at-home consultation!