6 tips for designing an attractive new bedroom

6 tips for designing an attractive new bedroom

Because the main bedroom is such an integral part of any home, care must be taken when designing it and making the space functional, livable and attractive. Since every person will have their own preferences for the room based on their sense of comfort and taste, the most important thing is to find something that will meet all criteria and leave you feeling satisfied.

To create a place where you can feel relaxed and happy, everything in the room should be taken into consideration, from the structure of the architecture to pieces of furniture and stylish accents. One aspect that doesn't seem like it will affect your overall aesthetic could actually make or break the room once you've finished settling in.

Remember these six things when creating and designing a new bedroom, and you will be happier with the finished results:

  • Any place can be a bedroom: Expand your horizons when first looking over your home and think about the less conventional rooms you could renovate to create a brand new sleeping space. You may be surprised how well a room originally designed to be an office or living room makes a good place to sleep with just a little alteration. This could be especially important if you want to save the bigger room in the house for something else.
  • Pick just the right color: The bedroom can be a totally separate color from the rest of the house, or it can be a natural progression from the tone and style used everywhere else. Either way, take the extra time to

    "Consider painting the walls, putting in a matching carpet and more to give the bedroom a pleasing overall color scheme. "

    The Cleveland Plain Dealer recently highlighted photos of rooms and home furnishings that make use of 2015's Pantone Color of the Year, Marsala. Homeowners can tweak this famously divisive shade to find a version that works for them.

  • Use custom window shades to control the look of the room: The custom window coverings you use can affect the room in ways that both control its look and affect its function. From determining how much or how little natural sunlight filters into the room, to how well their pattern coordinates with the house's dominant colors, these are just a few of the possible solutions that the right custom window treatments can bring to your home's decorative scheme. 
  • Match the style of the rest of the house: Some homes are built and furnished in a very specific architectural way. A house profiled by the Detroit Free Press for sale in Novi, Michigan, has a self-conscious Italian theme, complete with columns on the front porch and signs throughout written in Italian. In these cases, the bedroom should feel like it fits in with the rest of the building: things like the headboard of the bed, other furniture and the window shades can contribute to the overall visual effect.
  • Put smaller furniture fixtures in strategic places: Are there small chairs in the room? A reclining couch? A footrest? If there's enough room for these and similar pieces, they should be set up so they don't clutter the space or block the field of vision of anyone who enters. If something is built into the wall, like a bookshelf or a dresser, the portable pieces of furniture can't obstruct it.
  • Leave space for technology: In the past, it wasn't uncommon to find a media center or table stand for a television in the bedroom. These days, a large flat wall is all that is needed. Either way, people designing their homes need to make sure that the wall the television sits in front of is easy to look at and won't make it hard to watch the screen.
    Bedrooms can be designed in many ways to be visually appealing.Bedrooms can be designed in many ways to be visually appealing.

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