6 Ideas For Decorating A Large Room

6 Ideas For Decorating A Large Room

We recently talked about design options that could apply to an unusually small home. But what if your tastes run in the other direction, toward a house with a lot of space to consider? This could open up new possibilities, but might also make finding the perfect decor options a little more difficult. With so many rooms and surfaces to consider, homeowners could overlook key spaces where the right design options are critical.

With so many rooms and surfaces to consider, it could be easy for homeowners to overlook key spaces where the right design options are critical.

Here are some ideas that are particularly suited for big spaces, whether it's a sprawling mansion or an especially large penthouse:

  • Adjustable blinds and shades lead to more lighting options: By adding custom window blinds and other treatments, you could alter how light interacts with the interior, using this effect to highlight different aspects of a given room. Sometimes, the color and shape of the blinds themselves can be a distinctive part of the decor, too. In this case, leaving the blinds lowered at a certain position will add a notable feature to the room itself, rather than just accenting the window.
  • Automation helps with larger windows: Larger spaces usually have large windows, which could make adjusting window coverings difficult. Automated coverings will also help homeowners adjust them if they are too high up to be reached. 
  • Keep big windows unobstructed: One Australian home profiled in Houzz has large backyard spaces and outdoor facilities, including a pool and a tennis court. When there's enough land for visitors to look at, large window spaces are an obvious choice for the home's design. Designer screen shades allow views while also cutting down on glare, and window coverings with sheer backing and fabric vanes, like Silhouette window shadings, can be left down almost exclusively and still allow homeowners to see outside. Another option is to frame windows with stationery drapery panels and top treatments like cornice boards in a way that leaves the view clear.
  • Plants make an easy visual addition: A different article from Houzz recommends tall potted plants as a way of adding life to an empty space. A large, colorful object like this goes especially well against a blank wall and near a natural light source like a large bay window. Placing multiple standing plants at symmetrical points throughout the room will help balance the space and add to the composition, complementing furniture you have already set up.
  • Separate the large space into smaller ones: A large house won't necessarily have many large rooms, but there's likely to be some spaces that feel too vast to do anything with. The Inspired Room blog suggests using furniture or elements like pillars and wall barriers to make distinct sections within a single room. Homeowners can also place one particular large piece of furniture somewhere to keep a room successfully "anchored."
  • Use the whole space for seating, not just the walls: The same source also advises homeowners to avoid putting all of their furniture against one wall and spread things out over the floor instead. "With a larger room you can pull seating out from the walls to create a much cozier conversation area around a focal point like a fireplace," the blog says. On the other hand, clustering chairs and tables into the middle of the room could have the opposite problem, so a sense of balance is necessary.

Some of these tips could apply not just to living rooms, but kitchens, dining rooms or other places where there is a lot of extra space to work with. This could be less of a challenge as homeowners get more used to their surroundings and learn which patterns, colors and materials keep a room from feeling overwhelming.

Large rooms with big windows could pose decorating challenges.Large rooms with big windows could pose decorating challenges.

By looking over the details of a large room, professional consultants will help homeowners rethink a giant space and turn it into something more manageable. Contact Metropolitan Window Fashions today to set up a free, at-home consultation appointment and get this process started.