5 ways to strike holiday conversation with style

5 ways to strike holiday conversation with style

As many are busy readying their homes for the onslaught of family and friends as holiday guests, we realize that there are tons of odds and ends that need to be taken care of before their arrival. Many times, style is in simplicity and the details make the design, which is why it is so important to make sure that every aspect of your home decor perfectly reflects your preferences.

It is also key to consider how decor makes a first impression on your guests – so be sure to make a good one! Making small talk can be made easy by incorporating unique decorative pieces around your home to use for great ice-breaking conversation starters.

"Making small talk can be made easy by incorporating unique decorative pieces around your home."

Courtesy of Margaret Shepherd, an expert in etiquette and author of "The Art of Civilized Conversation, here are five pieces that you may want to consider in your home to help jump start conversations with your guests:

  • Best-selling book – Creating conversation is all about finding ways to connect with your guests. One of the best ways to do this is by incorporating items like culturally relevant books on coffee tables or shelves around the house. Shepherd recommends a biography or memoir of a popular pop-culture figure, or a novel that is being made into a movie. She notes that it is important to ensure that you have read the book so that you will have something to say if asked about it. A good tip is to try and avoid books that are about any taboo topics like religion, politics and money.
  • Collection – If you already have a collection of something, putting it on display can be a great way to initiate conversation and show off your personality a bit. Shepherd told Zillow, "Display your own collection and you can talk about various aspects of it — how you got into it, where you find items, what are your criteria, how happy it makes you, how you find information, how you display it, where your fellow collectors meet, and so on." Just be careful not to talk too much about price.
Potted plants act as a great centerpiece and can easily ignite conversation.
  • Exotic Plant – Plants not only liven up a space, they also get fellow gardeners to gab. Just remember that the plant doesn't have to be from a far off land, it simply needs to come with a story or even controversial enough to strike up a discussion. Plants that you get from family friends or potted herbs that people love or hate are bound to have that effect.
  • Framed Photo – A framed photo says a lot about yourself and the things that you love. A great way to accent a room is to frame a photograph that holds a special place in your heart. Another option is to frame an entire album that hangs either all together or throughout the common rooms in your home to create a unified and nostalgic feel.
  • Musical Instrument – Small musical instruments that you can hang on a wall or leave on the surface of a buffet or sofa table are great conversation starters. It gets people talking about their personal musical tastes, past playing experiences and their musical – or not – family.

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