5 ways to create festive holiday decor

5 ways to create festive holiday decor

Decorating for the holidays should employ all of the senses. It's not just about aesthetic beauty, but also adding texture, color and smell to your home that speaks to the spirit of the season.

The great thing about this time of year is that there are so many areas of the home that lend themselves to unique opportunities for beautiful and seasonally appropriate interior decorations.

"Incorporating candles and low lighting around your home will add a sense of peace and calm throughout what can otherwise be a hectic time of year."

When it comes to making your house a destination for friends and family this holiday season, considering these factors will help you to create the ideal space to entertain and cozy up for the holiday season:

Accents: Incorporating candles and low lighting around your home will add a sense of peace and calm throughout what can otherwise be a hectic time of year. Many interior designers love the look of a vase or dish filled partially with water that float lit tea lights. This can add a glimmer to your table or kitchen counter. 

Centerpiece: Centerpieces are generally easy to make, but often taken off the to-do list around the holidays. We love the look of a simple, festive centerpiece and think that it can add quite a bit to your table. According to Better Homes and Gardens, these pieces don't need to take too much time to make and can easily be created on a budget. One simple way to create a beautiful table is to lay evergreen stems – over a piece of wax paper or some other protective material – and decorate with loose ornaments, garland and other items that might already be in the Christmas box in the attic!

Chandeliers: Many homeowners overlook their lighting as spots to add a little bit of accent decor. In fact, chandeliers offer a place to drape festive ribbons, boughs of holly or fir branches. This will not only add texture to the room, but can also intensify the smell of Christmas. Because chandeliers are usually found in formal dining rooms, they make for an ideal elevated centerpiece for your holiday dinner.

Christmas Tree: Some people attack the decoration of their tree with a specific purpose and idea in mind. Others reuse a lot of the same decorations year to year to create a traditional and family-inspired look for their tree. Interior decorators recommend that people who want a look that flows with the decor of the rest of their home should choose a color scheme and design their tree with that in mind. Decorators for De Vries Christmas Shoppe in Brunswick, NJ, recommend using unique colors like silver and rust for a stylish tree.

Choosing a color scheme for your tree will help you create a unified look throughout your home.

Windows: Many people don't think to swap out their window treatments for the holidays, but this simple alteration can make a huge difference in the feel, mood and aesthetic of the home. Opting for a heavier curtain or drapery will offer more privacy and improve heat retention. It will also add an air of coziness that makes the room relaxing and inviting. If you are looking for a fun way to add festive flair, try using ribbon or holiday-inspired hardware to hold the curtains next to the window frame to let light in.

When it comes to creating a festive and functional home for the holidays, be sure that you pay specific attention to each area of your home. For more fun ways to design your home this season, follow along with this blog. To learn how Metropolitan Window Fashions can help you design the ideal space for your needs, contact us today to schedule a free, at-home consultation today!