5 unconventional interior decor tips

5 unconventional interior decor tips

Creating the ideal home space can be a real challenge, especially when professional decor advisors offer a number of different perspectives on the best practices for creating the perfect interior. Regardless of any of the advice you heed – or don't – it is important to keep in mind that the best house for you is decorated with your needs and preferences as the focus.

There are a number of ideas that may at first seem unorthodox, but tend to work regardless of the type of home.

"Some unorthodox ideas, surprisingly, work in nearly any space."

Here are a few of our favorite out-of-the-blue tips for home decor:

Bigger Bed: For a small room, people tend to shop for smaller furniture to make the space feel larger. But the truth of the matter is that if you position the bed in the right spot, and use scaled accent pieces throughout the rest of the room, you may still end up with a space that feels bigger than it actually is. It also helps to cover the bed itself in a palette of color so that it looks uniform, tidy and compact regardless of its size.

Go Dark: Many designers recommend homeowners select a lighter color for their interior decor, especially if they are working in a small space. But many people prefer a darker hue in their living and sleeping areas. The good news is that you don't have to avoid these darker shades altogether. In fact, darker colors can work really well in a space that gets a lot of natural light, like a bright living room. If you use custom window blinds that afford privacy without eliminating all the light, you can achieve a sophisticated and chic look.

Seating: Many people look around their home and think of the traditional furniture for each room – dining table and chairs in a formal dining room, big sofa for a living room – but more and more decorators are suggesting to switch up furniture for more of a mix-and-match aesthetic. House Beautiful recommends a bench as a substitute for two or three chairs at your dining table, and using armchairs in lieu of a sofa.

Layering the lighting and opting for unconventional furniture options are great stylistic choices.

Skirted Furniture: For people with pets, this may not be the most practical tip, but homeowners looking to create a more streamlined feel in their home, opting for some pieces of skirted furniture is a great choice. Not all the pieces need to be upholstered this way, but one or two elements with skirts flowing to the floor will make the room feel more grounded.

Windows: House Beautiful also recommends layering your lighting. In order to do this, employ a few separate sources of artificial light and allow in natural light to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. If you are worried about neighbors being able to see into your home, you may opt for Hunter Douglas Shutters and shades as a great in-between option for letting in light while also retaining some privacy.

Creating the best space for you and your family won't happen overnight, and it certainly will not follow just one designer's ideas. The best thing to do is pick and choose the elements that work for you. To learn how the at-home consultations with our on-staff interior designers can help, contact Metropolitan Window Fashions today!