5 Romantic Home Decor Tips

5 Romantic Home Decor Tips

For many couples, it's difficult to give their home more of a "romantic" feel without breaking the bank. We all have our own visions of what the typical luxurious bedroom or lounge looks like, but it doesn't take an extravagant amount of wealth to inject some extra love and warmth into your home.

By making strong choices for the materials you use to dress different parts of the house, you can create a cozy space that feels intimate and relaxing. Forget bombarding visitors with pink and red, these tips will help you take a more original approach to make people fall in love with your home:

  • Try some classical designs: One way to appeal to you and your partner's romantic side is to conjure up a traditional decor style. The Wall Street Journal recently featured photos of several different homes with a "Romantic" look. One of these, in San Francisco, employs traditional features like urns on white pedestals, a crystal chandelier and raised wooden paneling to engage guests. This last feature was described by the room's designer as "a great example of architectural romance." Custom curtains and drapes reflect this with a classic "period midcentury print" and an amethyst motif.
  • Use just the right amount of lighting: You want to have that perfect ambience in a romantic home, but you also want to be able to see! Keeping things too dark doesn't automatically create a feeling of intimacy. Instead, it's better to give yourself the option to easily adjust the brightness of a room depending on how much light you need to let in. Motorized blinds make this easier by installing a simple-to-use and pre-established system for raising and lowering blinds.

    You want to have that perfect ambience in a romantic home, but you also want to be able to see!

  • Break out the style: Simple, elegant patterns can lend the room an attractive feel, more​ so if they are displayed on bedspreads, table settings and rugs. If possible, you should try to match these items with vases and other decorative pieces placed throughout the common spaces. Laying out the finest quality dishes, candlesticks and other classic dining ware reinforces the idea that you live in a luxurious space, even if you don't own anything too extravagant.
  • Add some natural touches: In a piece on Crafting A Green World, Becky Striepe suggests a little touch of the outdoors. This shows that you've put some thought into the setup in your room, and also contributes to the homey and sweet atmosphere that you are trying to create. You can accompany it with other "natural" elements like sweet fragrances to strengthen the effect even more.

Getting the mood exactly right in any home can be tough, and it helps to have a professional opinion to guide the way. Sign up for a free at-home consultation from Metropolitan Window Fashions to take the first step toward a lovelier living space.