5 design tips from Nancy Braithwaite

5 design tips from Nancy Braithwaite

Creating a home that is functional, aesthetically pleasing and simplistically elegant can seem like the holy grail of home decor. But it truly doesn't have to be. When decorating a space – whether it is your first apartment or your forever home – it is important that you listen to your intuition, personal taste and the advice of your roommates or family members to create a house that everyone will love.

One designer who knows all about creating beautifully elegant and simplistic homes is Nancy Braithwaite. In her over 40-year-long career, she has designed and decorated homes that convey a uniquely sophisticated and minimalist aesthetic.

Her style focuses on the idea of keeping it simple, facilitating a home decor scheme that is equal parts calming and invigorating.  In an interview with Culture Map Houston, Braithwaite says that the three primary elements of style that she focuses on when looking at a space are architecture, composition and proportion. She also works hard to incorporate whimsy into her designs so that the house doesn't give off a stiff or staunch vibe.

In an attempt to explain her process, Braithwaite offered up a few of her own design tips that are sure to help you create a chic contemporary style of your own. Here are five design tips from Nancy Braithwaite:

  1. Find a good designer – Even if you plan on doing most of the work yourself, get a second set of eyes on your home's interior to help you flush out the areas that still need attention. Just make sure that they know what your ultimate vision is so they can help you to achieve your ideal home.
  2. Keep it simple – It is not just the name of her new book, Simplicity, but also her mantra when decorating. Adding pieces with simple and clean lines, bright colors for a light palette and natural elements like wood or slate will create the laid-back sophistication you desire.
  3. Know Yourself – While decorating can lead to self-discovery and actualization in your home, it is also important to know who you are and what you like before you get too into it.
  4. Light is your friend – Whether you are looking at potential fabrics for upholstery or custom curtains and drapes, be sure to test it in different lights to see if you will like it from dawn until dusk. Also, look at it from different angles so that you know you are making the right decision. Another important consideration with the light in your home is making sure that the window treatments are accentuating and not inhibiting natural sunlight.
  5. Research – Rome wasn't built in a day, and your home's decor won't be either. Take the time you need to research the different aspects of design so that you are including all the elements that you really love. Because, after all, your home is your space to live, love and enjoy! Go through magazines, books, home decor websites and social media like Pinterest. 

When it comes to implementing these quick tips in your own design process, be sure to contact the staff of professional decorators at Metropolitan Window Fashions for a free at-home consultation. They can help you to determine which colors, fabrics and styles will work best in your home.