4 ways to add color to a rental property

4 ways to add color to a rental property

Many of today's young people are opting to rent or live with roommates as they work to save money, pay off student debt and figure out what area of the country they want to be in. With all of the financial limitations for putting a down​ payment on a home, and the restrictions put on permanently decorating a rental place, bringing color into your life can often be quite a challenge. But with the right accessories, feng shui and accent elements, many industry professionals believe that renters can afford the same luxuries as homeowners, and – in some cases – even more.

"A relatively inexpensive investment into a can of paint can really pay off in making the space completely yours."

According to Kim Myles, a Los Angeles based interior designer and TV personality, color is an important part of everyone's happiness at home, and should be taken seriously. Myles says that the first thing that renters need to do is get over the idea that they are not allowed to paint a rental unit. In fact, the relatively inexpensive investment into a can of paint can really pay off in making the space completely yours. Not to mention, landlords are legally required to repaint every few years, so some may feel you are helping them out!

But even if you are hesitant to pick up a brush, there are still a ton of great ways to incorporate color into your rental unit. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Area Rug: Even if your walls are a stark neutral color, there are tons of vibrant area rugs that will offer an impermanent solution to your colorlessness. The great thing about picking up a big area rug is you can protect nice floors or cover up less desirable floor finishes. With so many patterns, colors and textures to choose from, this is a great way to incorporate some unique personal style into a room.

Artwork: "A home without art is like food without salt – it's edible, but the flavors are on mute. Art is soul, color, expression and story all rolled into one. Art makes it personal, and there's no need for art to intimidate you or break your bank. A kid's drawing framed in a clean, modern way can look fabulous," Myles said. "The golden rule when looking for art? DON'T buy it because it matches your stuff or is the right size for your wall – buy it because you love it and it speaks to you. Do that, and you'll be amazed at how it lifts up the rest of your décor."

Hanging wall art is a great way to add color to an otherwise bland space.

Bedding: When you don't want to paint or cover up nice bedroom floors, opting to make a statement with the bedding you choose is a great, and usually inexpensive, choice. Use bright throw blankets and pillows to contrast with the white or neutral colors of the room.

Curtains: For color and drama, curtains and drapes are a perfect choice. Hanging floor-to-ceiling panels is a great way to stretch the length of the room while simultaneously affording renters some privacy. In an all-white room, jewel tones like burgundy, ruby and emerald green are great choices because they offer that dark contrast. When choosing your curtains throughout the space, don't forget about the hardware that goes with it, because in most cases the fixtures can make or break the look.

Creating your perfect space is possible in any type of home, whether you own or rent, it just may take a bit of creativity and imagination. To learn how the professional designers at Metropolitan Window Fashions can help, call us today to schedule a free, at-home consultation.