4 tips for winter home decor

4 tips for winter home decor

Phasing out of the warm air of summer into the chilly days of fall and the blustery winter weather can be a real adjustment. But getting inspired by the weather outside is just part of what makes decorating and designing so much fun. Creating a new interior – or at least swapping out old elements for new ones – every few months is a great way to keep your home feeling fresh, invigorated and inviting.

Here at Metropolitan Window Fashions, we know all too well how great it can be to redecorate an old space, especially on a budget. Creating your ideal home is all about adding comfort and personal flair that makes the house all your own.

"New hues are always a fun way to spruce up your interior without breaking the bank."

There are a number of ways to achieve the perfect mix between form and function during the winter season. Here are a few tips that we employ in some of our own homes:

Color: New hues are always a fun way to spruce up your interior without breaking the bank. Whether it is through wall paint, throw pillows and blankets or a statement piece of furniture that brings in a unique color choice, there are so many detail-oriented ways of achieving this aesthetic. This year, some of the most popular colors have been plums and blues. These two colors pair perfectly with the oranges and reds of the fall season, and transition well into the winter weather as they supply a sophisticated air for days of cozying up on the couch.

Herringbone: Patterns come and go, but herringbone has some staying power. A traditional favorite for people all over the world, herringbone is a great accent for any room. Whether you implement it through an area rug, or an etched vase for flowers or candles, this funky pattern will add the perfect amount of pizzazz.

Flowers: Vases with flowers add a liveliness and a lightness to even the darkest or heaviest rooms in your home. White ranunculus pairs well with most any color, but will look great next to those plums and blues we mentioned! Once Christmas rolls around, adding some evergreen branches to these arrangements is a great way to incorporate some holiday flair. 

Linen: Whether you use them with your custom window treatments or the throw blankets on your couches and arm chairs, linen adds an air of elegance and comfort. This soft material will effortlessly and casually create a cozy space to curl up and wait out even the worst winter storms.

Adding linen blankets around your home will automatically create a cozy spot to curl up.

Window Treatments: A great way to add depth to a room with a lot of windows is to pair sheer panels with colorful panels in heavier fabrics. Incorporating hanging snowflakes, mirrors or crystal bead strands will add to your wintery wonderland feel.

Incorporating simple and mostly inexpensive tricks to achieve elegance is key to creating an ideal winter home. If you are feeling stuck or stumped in your home decor, contact Metropolitan Window Fashions to set up a free, at-home consultation with our professional designers.