4 tips for creating a cozy guest room

4 tips for creating a cozy guest room

Thanksgiving is this week, and the rest of the winter holidays are just around the corner. This means that many people will be welcoming family and friends into their homes for extended stays. With guests coming and going, kids running wild and a number of other things on your to-do list this season, getting the guest bedroom squared away before the onslaught of the holidays hit is always a good plan.

"There are a number of little things that you can do make the guest room fit to suit your holiday visitors."

Spare bedrooms can be tricky to decorate, as they often act as a catch-all for extra furniture, seasonal clothing, random decor and all the other odds and ends that inevitably enter your home. With all of these items stacked up in the room, it can be hard to create a tangible vision for the space, especially with the pressure of the holidays weighing on your mind, and the desire to make it a calming and welcoming environment being a primary factor.

The good news is, that there are a number of little things that you can do make the room even more inviting and comfortable for your guests than you ever would have expected.

Here are a few tips for creating the ideal guest room on a budget this holiday season:

Basket: Putting a little bit of effort and thought into your guests' stay will make them feel welcome, loved and ultimately fortunate to stay with such caring people! Setting out a welcome basket on a side table or dresser is the perfect first impression for the room, and offers all the essentials for their stay! This basket can contain anything from travel-sized soaps and shampoo, to candy bars and tabloids. You can also include things like an info sheet, which lists some great restaurants, coffee shops, emergency contact numbers, etc. so that if you can't entertain them for their whole stay, they will still have plenty to do. 

Hangers: It is one of those things that hosts don't often think about, because their focus is usually on the aesthetic of the bedroom and the cleanliness of their home, but offering hangers and storage space to guests is key. They will need somewhere to put their holiday outfit while they stay with you, and leaving it in their suitcase can create wrinkles. Be sure to have a designated closet space, and point it out to them when they arrive!

Flowers: It may seem like a little addition, but adding a vase with flowers to the room can make it feel lively, warm and even smell nice. Tulips are a great choice because they can easily be found year round, and their droopy stem and shape makes them an ideal no-fuss option. Just be sure to check that your guest doesn't have allergies, in which case, opting for a note or box of chocolates is a great alternative.

Tulips make a great addition to the room, because they can be found year round and add a pop of color.

Lighting: According to House Beautiful, "Your guests may want to stay up later than you do, but sometimes overhead lights are too bright for reading. Add low lighting to the room, ideally in the form of a table lamp by the bedside, so they can read or write before going to sleep. Not to mention: Soft lighting makes a room far cozier, so their stay will be so much more comfortable."

It is also important that the windows in this room have the appropriate window treatments so that guests can let light in or have privacy, depending on the time of day and their personal preferences. The beauty of custom curtains and drapes is that you can opt for a variety of room settings, from richness and warmth to light and airy. If the focus is on light control, blinds and shades are a great option, as well.

Creating the ideal space for your guests doesn't have to be a chore. Look at it as an opportunity to make someone's vacation that much better by improving your own home! To learn how we can help, contact Metropolitan Window Fashions for a free at-home consultation today!