4 simple ways to decorate for New Year’s

4 simple ways to decorate for New Year’s

Most of us love sprucing up our homes for the holidays, but very few love spending the money on decorations that are bound to come down just days or weeks later. With so many holidays clumped together, chances are that you already have most of the decor that you will need for the most festive house on the block this New Year's.

"Blues and silvers are typically associated with stability, wisdom, confidence and goodness, which can help ring in a fresh start."

There are a number of great ideas to get you started on DIY designs that recycle Christmas or Chanukah decorations, but here at Metropolitan Window Fashions, we have a few awesome tricks that we love sharing at this time of year.

Here are a few quick ideas to help you ring in the new year in style:

Color: Blues and silvers tend to be popular around New Year's Eve and are typically associated with stability, wisdom, confidence and goodness, which can help ring in a fresh start. But not everyone has a blue or white decor scheme already established in their home. The simplest way to easily create new holiday-themed pops of color is to add silver, white or blue ornaments to vases throughout the home. Place these on side or dining tables, or along the mantle for a festive flair.

Go natural: There are so many beautiful floral arrangements and natural decorations that you can carry into your home for a seasonally appropriate look. If you celebrate Christmas, then your tree is already an example of this. Using twigs, pine cones and evergreen branches to accent your table's centerpiece or in a vase on a bookshelf can be a great way to achieve a natural, earthy and lively vibe.

Invitations: While emailing may be the cheaper option for you if you are planning to host a party at your home, sending out hand written adds a personal touch. You can even buy cheap, pre-made custom cards, and then glue on some glitter for additional pizzazz. 

Lighting: In a post for the Houston Chronicle, Amanda Grossman writes, "Lighting, and specifically candlelight, can add so much to a home or room for a very small amount of money. When we trim the bottom branches of our tree (which they will likely do at the tree lot) we will ask to keep them so that we can use them as evergreen garnish on each of our windowsills. In the middle of the garnishes I am going to place $0.99 glass votive holders that I purchased for half price and fill each with a tealight candle."

We love these simple ways of creating a beautiful, light and inviting atmosphere at New Year's, but if you are looking for a more permanent way to spruce up the interior in your home, custom window treatments can add a personal flair that you can enjoy year round, helping to liven up a room's look while also adding a renewed sense of privacy.

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