4 Questions To Consider After Buying a New Home

4 Questions To Consider After Buying a New Home

You've bought a new home, finally moved in and are just getting settled. Is it time to do something about those windows? As part of a plan to liven up an older home, you may have ideas for how to customize window spaces to fit your general stylistic preferences. However, this is a lot to think about during a move, and it could get pushed to the back burner as you go about other tasks.

Here are a few questions to consider in a new home that will affect the type of window treatments you are able to use. Since you will be just getting to know the space, it's possible you will learn more about it as you continue to live there and work on adapting other features to your liking:

You should take into account how higher temperatures and sunshine change the conditions of the room.

  • How sunny will the rooms get?: You may not be moving into your new home during the summer months, but you should re-examine how higher temperatures and sunshine change the conditions of each room. Think long-term for how window treatments like curtains, shades and window films can be used to efficiently maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. 
  • Replace or update?: If you purchased a previously inhabited home, the windows may have been adapted for a certain treatment by the last owner. Pay attention to the way they have been covered in the past and consider whether or not to follow the same pattern or try something different. For example, the former homeowners may have used shades for a window that you would prefer to use shutters on.
  • Where are the largest windows?: Which rooms have the most windows for you to work with? Maybe there's not one large window to be worried about, but several smaller ones grouped next to each other on adjoining walls. Think of custom window coverings like Roman Shades that will fit in with any decor.
  • Who will be sleeping where?: Each family member could have very varying opinions about what (and who) belongs in each room. One person may see a large space as a bedroom, while another could look at the same area and see a den or an office. For a bedroom of any size, you may prefer Duette Honeycomb Shades from Hunter Douglas, which will darken the space and make it more comfortable for sleeping. Chances are you will have planned this out ahead of time, but living arrangements may change once the homeowner has actually arrived at the space.

Contact Metropolitan Window Fashions soon for a free, at-home consultation on how you start giving your new place the window treatments that it needs. We offer different fabrics and material for your use that will complement any home setup and ensure the window styles make the house decor come to life.