4 Possible Sources Of Glaring Light At Night

4 Possible Sources Of Glaring Light At Night

Creating a room that's absolutely perfect for sleeping helps improve your mood and leave you feeling fully rested the next day. Finding home solutions to let you sleep better will improve your life, and the right window coverings play a big role in that  

There are many sources of distracting light that can keep you awake when you should be enjoying a good night's rest. Blocking them out requires the right window coverings to create a setting that will ensure quality sleep. 

Finding home solutions to let you sleep better will improve your life, and the right window coverings play a big role in that

Room-darkening and blackout shades are ideal for keeping windows covered and our clients happily sleeping. Here are some possible sources of distracting light and how different kinds of custom window treatments can keep you sleeping comfortably:

  • Street traffic: Manipulating blinds to the right angle, and selecting ones made of the appropriate opacity, will keep the distracting lights from the outside at bay. Blackout shades will do this on a consistent basis, and if you also want to keep noise levels down at the same time, you can use window laminates or Duette® Honeycomb Shades from Hunter Douglas for  a pleasant muffling effect.
  • Early sunrise: When you're trying to get to sleep, natural sunlight can be an unwelcome part of the morning. An open window could let in far too much sunshine in the early hours and wake up sleepers too soon, but putting some effective custom shades or blinds in place will give homeowners more peace of mind and less of a chance of being disturbed. They can also be scheduled to fit your lifestyle and be down during the times where you want privacy.
  • Indoor lights: It's not just the outdoors that can pose a challenge to deep sleep. Light sources from inside the home, including screen-based devices like computers left on all night, may interrupt a person's normal sleep patterns. Smaller electronics that have to be left on all night, like fire alarms, could also come with a consistent, blinking light that rouses those trying to get some simple shuteye. Custom window coverings will keep lights from reflecting off of the glass, but it's probably best to simply power down all non-essential devices before bedtime.
  • Streetlights: We've mentioned this multiple times before, but room-darkening shades, such as Hunter Douglas Duettes®, are extremely effective window treatments for ensuring a good night's sleep and blocking out streetlights in busy cities.

Light doesn't come in from just one single source, whether in the heart of the city or out in the country. At Metropolitan Window Fashions, we can help homeowners find the treatments that make each room in the home secure, fashionable and relaxing by walking you through possible custom treatments. To learn more, and set up a free consultation in your own home, please contact us today!