4 Home Interior Decorating Ideas From Pinterest

4 Home Interior Decorating Ideas From Pinterest

To keep up with the latest interior design trends and preferences, homeowners should consider patterns discussed on social media. Some of the styles that show up on sites like Pinterest can give you visual ideas to use as a reference when working with professional home design consultants later.

Here are a few ideas for redecorating your home based on the styles and colors currently trending on Pinterest, based on a survey's collection of 250 pinned room photos on the social media platform. Finding out about all of the different home fashions others are trying out is a great way to plan a redesign.

Which styles and colors are trending now, and which will look the best in your home?

  • Pick one idea at a time: Pinterest presents a lot of redecorating options all at once, so it may be easier to narrow down your search to look for the things you like in one particular room and try that out before moving onto the next one. For example, you could look for furniture or wall patterns that you like first and then find a custom window treatment that matches it later. This way, you're not overwhelming yourself with choices and you're ensuring that the drapes or custom window fashions you select are complementing an already finished design scheme.
  • Prioritize the bedrooms: The most popular room listed in the survey of Pinterest was the bedroom, which made up for 40 percent of the total pinned images. With more bedroom inspirations to take note of from Pinterest, it may be easier to start with this area for a new look and then work your way out through redesigning the living room, kitchen, patio and other rooms. However, each room will also likely have their own specifics that you'll need to remember when renovating. 
  • Use unique storage options: Many of the photos in Pinterest's home decor section involve storing and displaying different items or trinkets around the house in a unique way. Whether it's placing vintage clocks on a distressed wooden shelf or vases and cups on top of a lit cabinet to draw the eye, these images can offer a great way to spruce up the look of a room while doubling as handy storage spaces.
  • White and cream-colored walls and furniture: Far and away, the most popular color for both walls and furniture was listed as "white/cream," making up 35 percent of the pinned wall entries — and it was even more popular for furniture. You can bring this color into the home and make it part of a larger decor scheme by selecting matching custom window treatments.

Once you have settled on a new look for your home, you can work with professional designers to help you put your new design ideas in place. Contact Metropolitan Window Fashions to arrange a free at-home design consultation  today to find out how custom window treatments can add to your house's style. You can also visit our Pinterest page to see some new interior design ideas yourself.