4 Design Trends For The Kitchen In 2015

4 Design Trends For The Kitchen In 2015

When was the last time you renovated your kitchen? If you've grown too comfortable with your kitchen's style, it might be time to go through it and give everything a makeover. Just starting this process is difficult if you don't have some sort of baseline to begin with, but there are some major design trends within the industry that can can give you a new look to focus on.

But changing the look of a kitchen can be tricky. There are a lot of things to be conscious of, from the tables and chairs to the massive appliances, which often take up lots of space. Here are five trends that designers have been bringing into the kitchen in 2015 that you may want to consider adopting in your own home:

If you've grown too comfortable with your kitchen's style, it might be time to go through it and give everything a makeover.

  • Clean borders and patterns: For both architecture and fabric styles, homeowners should think about clean, distinct lines. A Kitchen & Bath Design Trends survey placed definite lines as a key feature worth looking out for in the coming months. When choosing drapery panels, homeowners can find material that shows clear lines and matches some of the defined features included in cabinetry and surrounding spaces.
  • Gray tones: We've written about dominant kitchen colors before, and what homeowners might prefer, but gray still seems to be a popular go-to color group for cabinets in particular. Since using vertical storage space is something of a kitchen trend at the moment, the gray color could easily be a very prominent feature in the cooking and eating area if the cabinets are this color. The window shades chosen for this space can similarly match the dark, smooth and sleek feel of this scheme.
  • The "industrial" look: An article in Freshome states that this year, "the hot kitchen trend is very much an industrious one." According to this piece, strong lighting and efficient, metallic surfaces contribute to this look, as do visible pieces of hardware like rivets and wire caging. The goal is to emulate the look of popular cooking television shows, and using custom window coverings that let light into a space may help accentuate the polished design.
  • Unique contrasts: On the other hand, this isn't the only type of surface a home kitchen needs. Mixing a little bit of the starkly modern with old-fashioned materials sends a powerful statement as well. Curtains are a great way to do this, as a material or design with strong lines will be complemented by the flowing look of well-chosen drapery panels.

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