3 reasons to color your kitchen something other than white

3 reasons to color your kitchen something other than white

The kitchen is not always associated with glamour, and with good reason: it can very easily get dirty, and brightly colored surfaces and surroundings are easier to keep clean. However, this doesn't mean that there's only one way to stylize a kitchen, and home decorators should let themselves feel inspired when re-designing this space for looks as well as functionality. Even if you're only branching out into a more neutral series of tones, like gray or tan, you can still experiment with them to make a richer, more varied place to prepare food.

There are plenty of reasons to try something different that is more personal, unexpected and genuine.

Here are three different ways that going for a more radical color could be better for your house overall.

  • It could help you eat less: According to professor Brian Wansink, the color of the kitchen actually helps determine how long a person spends in it, and therefore, how much they are likely to eat. "The longer you stick around, the more likely you are to have another serving," he said in a piece for the Times Free Press. That same source quotes a Weight Watchers leader who suggests the color blue in particular.
  • There are plenty of opportunities: If you start to redecorate your kitchen, you may soon find that there are more elements you can tinker with or customize than you previously expected. In addition to the walls, don't forget to consider counters, floors, rugs or even the faucet and appliances for adding some pleasant contrast. You can use custom window treatments to fit in with the general design scheme of a room as well, matching the lighting and existing coloring as needed.
  • It's trendy: While white is the traditional color associated with the modern kitchen, there has been some movement towards using color here, at least strategically, to make these places more distinct. In fact, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune recently reported that black is becoming a dominant kitchen color and has risen in popularity over the past few years.
  • You can do it easily: Color scheme is relatively simple thing to change in the kitchen, because you don't have to necessarily alter that much. Can't afford to paint the walls? Choosing the right matching window dressings, rugs and furniture help make up for a bland background. This could also allow you to switch out different colors depending on your taste without having to perform any major overhauls.

Windows are an important part of the kitchen and the way you dress them should be consistent with the other design choices you make in that room. For help arranging and selecting a winning series of custom window coverings, make an appointment with Metropolitan Window Fashions for a free, at-home design consultation that can get you thinking about how to make your kitchen stand out.