3 bathroom trends for 2015

3 bathroom trends for 2015

They say that if you are trying to add value to your home, the best places to focus are the kitchen and bathroom, likely because these are the most visited and trafficked areas of the home. They are also expected to look crisp and clean, and after a while, that can fade into something dingy or dirty.

"In 2015, elegant, statement tiles will be a hot-ticket item."

As we look forward to the hottest home decorating trends in 2015, there are a few things that we can expect to see in bathroom renovations across the nation. Here are just a few bathroom improvements to be on the lookout for in the new year:

Floor tiles: Opting for clean, simple tiles has long been many homeowners' top choice their bathrooms. In recent years, subway tiles have been a popular choice for showers and backsplashes, with larger white or off-white tiles used for the floors. In 2015, though, elegant, statement tiles will become a hot-ticket item. This is largely because many bathrooms don't have a clear option for a statement wall, but could benefit from some unique decor.

Lighting: "Bathrooms and kitchens are fixed and fitted — once you screw something to a wall or tile a floor, they'll be there for a very long time, so it's important to be not too trendy," interior designers Simona Castagna and Darren Genner of Minosa told Houzz. "Be smart about your decisions and layer things well — for example, with good lighting."

This could mean adding new levels of lights in the room, or incorporating custom window shades or blinds. These allow for an added bit of privacy, and help to control how natural light filters into your house during the daytime.

Reflective: Not just with mirrors, but in a way that makes this little room a clear extension of the rest of the home. Bathrooms are traditionally designed as a separate entity altogether, as the must-haves in these small rooms usually require them to be designed without the rest of the home in mind. But in 2014, we saw an increase in demand for bathrooms to flow with the rest of the home decorating scheme, and as a result, we expect to see this more unified trend to continue into the new year. This could mean more use of dressers as vanities, or fabric from other areas of the home being carried into these spaces through the curtains and valances.

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