10 Easy Ways to Color Your Kitchen

To revitalize your kitchen cabinets, color them in bright red, babouche or mint green for a softer hue.

10 Easy Ways to Color Your Kitchen

A colorful kitchen is a mark of a warm and welcoming home. Adding a splash of color is an easy way to brighten up this space, making it look cheerful and inviting. But before you pick up a brush and start painting, keep in mind that there are a number of creative ways to make your kitchen pop.

By introducing color in small doses, you can achieve a more well-balanced look. Neutral tones like white, grey and brown serve as perfect backdrops for this season's hot and bold colors. Take a look at our quick and simple tips on how to color your kitchen.

  • Add Some Greenery: Plants are a great way to bring life into your kitchen. Lush green leaves, brightly colored flowers and freshly grown herbs complement the look (and smell!) of any decorative scheme. Place them around your kitchen in terra-cotta pots, which you can also paint to match their surroundings.
  • Dress Up Your Windows and Window Coverings: Bare windows are just waiting to be adorned. The right curtains and shades can add the ideal finishing touch to your dream kitchen. Make sure to install custom window treatments with your preferred color and style to flawlessly fit your  design scheme.
  • Color Your Walls: A little paint goes a long way. Instead of coloring your entire kitchen walls, go for bright patterns or sophisticated graphics such as French fleur-de-lis, Florentine scrolls or lavish damask. Pick a bold color that complements your decor like fuchsia, pomegranate or even gold. 
  • Brighten Up Your Cabinets: To revitalize your kitchen cabinets, color them bright orange, babouche yellow or mint green for a softer hue. You can also replace your drawer and cabinet pulls in a contrasting shade for extra detail.
  • Revisit Your Kitchen Decor: Whether it's sprinkling pots of flowers throughout the kitchen, swapping out old plates and utensils for more sophisticated dinnerware or adding colorful accents around the space, taking a second look at a kitchen's decor is a great way of renewing the room's feel.

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