Window Treatments for Skylights in New Jersey

Window Treatments for Skylights in New Jersey

Window Treatments for Skylights in New Jersey

Window Treatments for Skylights: Brighten Up Your Home this Season

While the skylights in your New Jersey home may bring beautiful natural light, you might find yourself in a love-hate relationship with them. Skylights are a great addition to homes due to their aesthetic look and ventilation. However, if these skylights aren’t shaded, they can let in harmful UV rays, overheat your space, and run up your AC bill.

To get the most out of your skylights, window treatments for skylights are a must. If you’re not sure what skylight window shades would be a good fit for your home, we’ve put together four different possibilities to brighten up your space.

Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb shades are an excellent choice for skylights in your home. Their minimal and uniform look allows them to blend into any room design. They’re able to soften the amount of sunlight coming into the room while still allowing adequate sunshine to pass through. This keeps the room cooler and prevents those pesky glares on TV and computer screens.

Motorized Shades

Skylights are often in hard-to-reach areas, so being able to open and close your window treatments with ease is essential. Motorized shades allow you to operate them with a remote, allowing you to open and close them at the touch of a button.

Roman Shades

If you’re looking for a window treatment to stand the test of time, roman shades are the right choice for you. These shades are timeless and completely customizable. Being able to decide the thickness of the shades gives you complete control over the amount of light let into the room. You can even choose to design blackout shades to block sunlight from entering the room completely. Roman shades are also an eco-friendly choice since they trap sunlight by the window, preventing it from entering the room.

Screen Shades

Homeowners who enjoy looking out their skylights will benefit from screen shades. They work to bring in the amount of light you need while preventing heat from entering your interior space. Screen shades are also helpful in protecting furniture from UV rays that can fade and discolor upholstery.

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