Window Solutions for Privacy in Your Home

Window Solutions for Privacy in Your Home

Window Solutions for Privacy in Your Home

Try These 3 Window Solutions for Privacy

One of the top reasons people invest in great window treatments is for privacy. Whether you live on the main street or up a long driveway, you want peace of mind knowing that no one can see into your home. At Metropolitan Window Fashions, we understand how important it is to have privacy without compromising your decor. Keep reading to find out the best window solutions for privacy!

1. Duette DuoLite Roller Shades

If you love the look of natural light but also like to indulge in darkness whenever you want, Duette DuoLite Roller Shades might be an excellent option for your home.

These Dual Roller shades, sometimes thought of as light-filtering shades, have two components: sheer and room darkening shades. This dual functionality will bring in light if pulled from the bottom and then go to completely dark if pulled from the top. They can also be drawn to reveal the entire window and let the light soak in. This allows for shade during the daytime or complete darkness for naps or movie days!

These shades have the appearance of regular pull shades, so they will not obscure your decor. Rather, they will simply blend into the room. This is a great option for window privacy as you can keep them drawn during the day to block people from seeing in while enjoying the natural daylight.

2. Curtains

The most common option for privacy in your home may be adding a curtain rod above your window to add decorative yet functional curtains. It is a fun way to choose a pattern and color that will match your decor or add a delightful contrast to your room. By keeping them tied back, you can add decorative ties or hooks to further incorporate your personal style into your home.

What’s excellent about curtains is that you can pull them back and forth whenever you want a little extra darkness or privacy during the day or at night. Some fabric curtains even come paneled with light-filtering abilities. This is the perfect thing for creating privacy or blocking out sunlight when necessary.

3. Designer Screen Shades

There are many significant aspects of Designer Screen Shades, commonly known as solar shades. They are great for filtering light during the day, and the unique weave makes it nearly impossible for people to see inside at night. They also help to absorb heat and therefore cut costs on your energy bill. Solar shades come in a wide range of options, so you will not sacrifice your decor for functionality and privacy!

Window Privacy Options for Your Home

No matter your interior design aesthetic, you will be able to bring privacy and decor together with window treatments from Metropolitan Window Fashions! To schedule a free consultation, give us a call at (877) 722-1100 or fill out our online contact form. We look forward to adorning your windows with stunning shades that are perfect for your home.