Top Off Your Custom Draperies: Popular Header Styles

pinch pleat custom draperies

Top Off Your Custom Draperies: Popular Header Styles

When making choices about your personal style, you may think about the brand of clothing or shoes you wear, a statement necklace or watch–anything that identifies what you love and what makes you feel put-together. What about your hair style? Doesn’t it define you? That’s why we consider the header style you choose for your custom draperies to be an important feature of style. It stands out, and it must fit in with what you consider to be the ideal look for your space. Similar to your personal hair style, the tops of your custom draperies will bring the whole look together–emphasizing elegance and sophistication.

Custom Draperies: Top Them Off with Pleats

Full of classic design, using pleats to finish the tops of your custom draperies is a very popular choice. Pleats allow you to not only showcase the beautiful fabric of your custom draperies, but the hardware you choose will tie in a custom look throughout the space. Often held to the drapery rod with rings, the look is exquisite. Some of our clients’ most favorite choices have been Pinch Pleat, Parisian Pleat (otherwise known as Tack Top), and Box Pleat.

Custom Draperies: Style Them with  a Ripplefold Finish

A contemporary look, with incredible volume, the ripplefold finishing at the top of your custom draperies will add dramatic style to your home. The unique look of this header style allows you to add flowing harmony to your space, and the specialty pieces that go into bringing the whole look together ensure your custom draperies will be one-of-a-kind. Another popular choice, with the ripplefold look, is our line of Luminette Privacy Sheers that give you the valuable combination of drapery styling with the function of window shades.

Custom Draperies: Timeless Style with Rod Pockets

The elegance of the rod pocket header style is a time-honored tradition. Using the drapery rod, inserted through the fabric, the customization options allow you to feature gathers above the rod for embellishment, or simply hang below. To finish the look when styling with rod pockets, the addition of tie backs will emphasize the gathers of fabric with coordinated design. The finials of the drapery hardware will reflect your personal style–the drapery rod won’t show, but the finials will on each side, and you can customize those to add to the overall look.

Your choice in header style for your custom draperies is as important as your hair style!  Adding a meticulous finish to the polished look of your home, you’ll always feel as if your home is ‘put-together.’ You can also choose a top treatment to your windows for an additional layer of design. Our design consultants would love to come to you for a shop-at-home experience. We’ll listen to your style preferences, and offer inspiration and advice as you choose the elements you love for the perfect custom draperies. Contact our team, at Metropolitan Window Fashions, for a free, in-home consultation.