Motorized Window Shades are Essential for Smart Homes

Motorized Window Shades are Essential for Smart Homes

Motorized Window Shades are Essential for Smart Homes

4 Benefits of Installing Motorized Window Shades

With all the new developments arising in home technology, homes are becoming more intelligent than ever. Light automation, smart thermostats, and security systems are more advanced than ever, and they show no signs of slowing down. Motorized window treatments are one aspect of smart home technology that can contribute to the levels of comfort and convenience in your home.

While some homeowners rave about the benefits of motorized window shades, others aren’t so sure about them. If you’re on the fence about installing motorized window shades in your home, here are a few benefits of these automatic window treatments.

1. Increase Privacy

Although you may enjoy people-watching in your neighborhood, you probably aren’t so keen on people seeing into your home. While your home may be private during the day, once the sun goes down, uncovered windows allow passersby to see directly into your home. By having automatic window shades, you can increase the privacy in your home.

2. Timer Settings

With motorized blinds that run on a timer, you can be sure that your blinds go down when the sun does. If you would like to use these window coverings during the day, you can select a material that lets light through while still maintaining a level of privacy.

3. Energy Saving Capabilities

Many homeowners are unaware of the impact window treatments can have on your utility bills. Motorized window shades can significantly contribute towards saved energy in your home. In the hot summer months, heat passing through your windows raises the temperature in your home, forcing your AC unit to work harder.

By covering your windows, your AC doesn’t have to work as hard to cool your home. You can program motorized window shades to lower during the hottest parts of the day to keep your home at a comfortable temperature all summer long.

4. Increases the Value of Your Home

Motorized window shades can be made to fit your custom windows in your home. These beautiful shades will no doubt add value to your home. Buyers who come to look at your home will be drawn to the stunning style and convenience of motorized window shades. An existing motorized system will attract buyers who are interested in easily integrated smart home systems.

Find Motorized Window Shades at Metropolitan Window Fashions

Installing motorized window shades is an easy way to upgrade your current window treatments. Their style and functionality make them a beautiful addition to any smart home. If you’re ready to install motorized window shades in your home, don’t hesitate to reach out to Metropolitan Window Fashions.

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