Modern vs Contemporary Design 101

Modern vs Contemporary Design 101

Modern vs Contemporary Design 101

Modern vs Contemporary: Finding the Perfect Style for Your Home

When you think of modern vs contemporary design, what comes to mind? Clean lines? Minimal whites with pops of color? While both styles have some aspects in common, there are stark differences between the two. To distinguish between a modern and contemporary style, learn more about their defining design elements.

What is Modern Design?

Modern design is a mix of styles from the early to mid-twentieth century. It’s characterized by simple furnishes and sleek, uniformed lines. They often feature a neutral color scheme coupled with natural materials such as wood and exposed brick.

What Is Contemporary Design?

The definition of contemporary design is a bit more fluid than its modern counterpart. Anything currently trending can be referred to as contemporary. It includes elements that concern the “here and now” in the interior design world. Designers aim to create harmony with the natural environment when working with contemporary designs. It’s not uncommon to see sustainable materials with large windows or wood designs with monochromatic furniture.

Contemporary vs Modern Design

While contemporary design is much harder to pin down, modern design has a concrete definition. It’s known for its crisp lines, neutral colors, and balance of color and nature. Although minimal, this doesn’t mean that modern designs are devoid of an inviting tone. The inclusion of warm neutrals breathes life into each space, giving it an air of coziness with style. In contrast, contemporary design can be bold, albeit a bit jarring, while featuring colors limited to black and white shades.

In both styles, clutter is unwelcome. The designs lean towards the motto that “less is more” and proceed accordingly. Modern and contemporary designs are generally simple, uncluttered, and calming. While modern designs may feature more color than contemporary, it is not overwhelming. Any pops of color are purposeful, and haphazard decoration is nowhere to be seen.

Window Treatments for Every Style

Regardless of where your home falls in the contemporary vs modern design spectrum, every room should have a matching aesthetic. From draperies and shades to shutters and blinds, Metropolitan Window Fashions is eager to help you choose window treatments that fit your home’s style.

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