How do Cordless Blinds Work in Your Home?

How do Cordless Blinds Work in Your Home?

How do Cordless Blinds Work in Your Home?

For homeowners looking to add a modern and functional flair to their home, cordless blinds may be the perfect window treatment for you. This popular style is both easy to use and convenient for homeowners with pets or small children, as there are no visible cords or strings.

Cordless blinds are quite versatile as well-you can use them in unconventional windows or in hard to reach areas such as skylights. Many homeowners have found them to be an excellent choice for blackout shades or solar shades throughout their home.

If you’re not exactly sure how to use cordless blinds, we are here to help. Here is a quick overview of what cordless blinds are and how they work in your home.

How do Cordless Blinds Work?

Despite the name, cordless blinds aren’t cordless. Instead, the cords are tucked inside the fabric or slats to hold the blinds together. Most cordless blinds can be compared to an elevator or pulley system, as they have a headrail or bottom track system.

Some rail systems even have a safety lock to leave blinds at the desired height for extended periods. The cords move up and down within the pulley system, raising or lowering the blinds when needed with ease.

How to Lower and Raise Cordless Blinds

If you don’t know how to use cordless blinds, don’t worry! Without all the extra strings and dangling cords, they are one of the easiest window treatments to learn how to operate. To lower the cordless blinds, simply place your hand on the bottom rail and pull down.

To raise them, you will place your hand on the same bottom rail and push up. Some cordless blinds can also be controlled by remote control or smart device. It takes barely any effort at all to raise and lower these blinds. If you sense some resistance, it may be due to an issue in the operating mechanism.

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