Home Design Options Trending in New Jersey

Home Design Options Trending in New Jersey

Home Design Options Trending in New Jersey

3 Home Design Options Trending Right Now

What is fun about home decor is the way current trends can mingle with classic traditional looks. It is easy to add current trends into your home without redoing your entire house. You can keep the same large furniture but add small pieces around to keep up with trends and ensure your home doesn’t ever look “dated.” These simple home design tips will help keep your house feeling fresh and updated all year long!

At Metropolitan Window Fashions, we know that window treatments are the best way to keep up with trends while sustaining the integrity of the decor you initially chose for your home. Here are the top three home design options trending in New Jersey!

Designer Screen Shades

1. Designer Screen Shades

Designer Screen Shades are popular due to their fashionable look and energy-saving functionality. People love the options they come in and the fact that they can save money on their electric bills! These shades absorb heat during the day, so they keep your home cool and comfortable while allowing that natural light to come in. This is an excellent trend for the hot New Jersey summers to allow style and comfort whether you are by the beach or in the heart of a city.

Roman Shades

2. Roman Shades

It’s hard to imagine that Roman shades will ever go out of style. They offer the chic style of shades without the need for multiples installations on your windows. You can also get creative with the choice of material and color to match your interior design style. Your home will look put-together and trendy!

Traditional Curtains

3. Traditional Curtains

Like Roman shades, curtains will never go out of style because they are so versatile and interchangeable. Keep up with all the trends by switching out your curtain rods, accessories, and the curtains themselves! For summer, we love sheer chiffon curtains that match your decor best. You can’t go wrong!

Keep Your Home Trendy with Metropolitan Window Fashions

Let us help you keep your New Jersey house trendy with some home design upgrades. Window treatments allow your home to look stylized, no matter what is trending. You will love hearing from our experts and seeing our wide range of options!

To schedule a free consultation, give us a call at (877) 722-1100 or fill out our online contact form. We look forward to adorning your windows with stunning shades that are perfect for your home.