Choosing a headboard for your bed

Choosing a headboard for your bed

We can all agree that it's difficult to furnish a bedroom. Finding the right style and color palette is not so much a physical but an aesthetic challenge, and requires quite a bit of consideration before a final decision can be made. Thankfully, the folks here at Metropolitan Window Fashions can help make that choice a lot easier thanks to our decades of expertise and singular knowledge in the industry. We specialize in pointing people in the right direction when it comes to these matters.

Today, we'll discuss a few tips for when you go shopping for a headboard. These include:

Choosing a price limit – As much as we'd all love to spend our bank accounts on custom window draperies and other decorative investments, the simple fact is that you have to draw a line. However, doing so is actually a plus because it helps narrow down your focus if you have a price range. Design elements and the structure of the headboard is contingent on how much you plan on spending.

Measuring your bedroom's dimensions – Headboards come in many shapes and sizes, and the one you choose will most likely depend on how much room you have. Before you start choosing, grab some measuring tape and jot down some numbers. This will save you time, money and a big headache in the unfortunate event that your brand-new headboard doesn't fit. Avoid this by being prepared!

Selecting a design scheme – While you have flexibility in terms of the size and color, you don't want the headboard to be incongruous with the bedroom's overall aesthetic. Modernist, classic, avant garde – depending on which avenue you take, there are certain types of headboards you'll want to consider.

When you work with Metropolitan Window Fashions, you can enhance a headboard to help it blend well with your overall design scheme. Our experts can create a custom upholstery, as well as help you choose draperies that bring out the color and aesthetic of your bedroom. Call us today!