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Are Vertical Blinds Outdated? To Keep or Replace…

Are Vertical Blinds Outdated? To Keep or Replace…

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Are Vertical Blinds Outdated? Answered by Window Treatment Experts

Are you a first-time home-buyer or just looking to revamp your space? If so, you may ask yourself if vertical blinds are outdated or the right choice for your window treatments. While they made their appearance in the 80s and 90s as a style choice, vertical blinds remain a stylistic choice for window treatments and the reason for this lies in their versatility.

The Benefits of Vertical Blinds

There are many benefits of vertical blinds, but among them are light control, affordability, and that they are easy to repair. Additionally, they are excellent for spaces that include slider doors and other large windows. They can also be dressed up with beautiful drapes or with embellished curtains surrounding them.

Other Hunter Douglas Window Treatment Options to Consider

Sheers & Shadings

Sheers and shadings are a perfect option for those who enjoy having complete control of the light entering their space. These make an excellent option for those with a more modern interior design aesthetic as they have the perfect blend of traditional horizontal blinds and modern shades. An additional benefit is that sheer fabrics help prevent harmful UV rays from damaging floors and fabrics in your home.

Cellular Shades

Another great option over vertical blinds is cellular shades, in particular honeycomb shades. Due to their unique construction that traps and creates a layer of insulation, these shades are great for energy efficiency and are one of the more versatile window treatments available.

Roman Shades

If your home has a more classic and sophisticated design aesthetic, consider adding Roman Shades to your windows. Roman Shades are timeless and a popular choice for almost any room in your home, making the design possibilities endless.

Choose Metropolitan Window Fashions

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