Are Drapes and Curtains the Same Thing? (Answered)

Are Drapes and Curtains the Same Thing? (Answered)

Are Drapes and Curtains the Same Thing? (Answered)

We Explain if Drapes and Curtains Are the Same Thing

Are you searching for the perfect window treatments for your home but find yourself asking: are drapes and curtains are the same thing?

If yes, you’re not alone. Many people tend to confuse these two window treatments because they are used interchangeably. Despite this, they are very different in both function and design.

What are Drapes?

Drapes elongate your windows while adding depth, dimension, and texture. As lined fabric panels typically sold in pairs, they are made with thick or heavy fabric that can block a lot of light, making them the perfect window treatments for bedroom use.

Drapes vs. Draperies

At Metropolitan Window Fashions, we prefer draperies; to us, drapes are a verb, and draperies are a noun—but that’s just semantics. We don’t care what you call them, just call us! We offer free in-home decorating consultations, six days a week. Call 877-722-1100 or click here.

What are Curtains?

Similar to drapes, curtains are fabric panels that can be sold separately or in pairs. However, unlike drapes, curtains are typically made from lightweight fabrics for visual appeal. Curtains come in various lengths, sizes, patterns, fabrics, or colors, meaning the decorative options are endless.

Curtains are also a versatile and popular choice for any room in your home. While drapes are a perfect option for bedrooms, living rooms, or home offices, curtains can be used in bathrooms and kitchens. Having curtains that only reach the bottom of the windowsill can be perfect for above your kitchen sink, a bathroom window, or a laundry room. While curtains can still be used in bedrooms, you’ll likely need to place them over another window treatment, such as a blind or shade due to the fabric being unlined.

Let’s Design Your Custom Hunter Douglas Drapery

If you’re looking for custom drapery or curtain design, contact the experts at Metropolitan Window Fashions. When you come in for a consultation or use our shop-at-home service, we show you the best options for your room based on your style and budget. Give us a call or stop by any of our locations to see the Hunter Douglas collection for yourself!