4 ways window care can help keep your house clean

4 ways window care can help keep your house clean

To help keep their house clean, homeowners should give the right amount of attention to the windows. Proper window maintenance actually consists of cleaning several different related parts: the glass, the sill, any screens you use and the coverings, which could all accumulate a surprising amount of dirt over time if you aren't careful. The best way to go about this would be to tackle each segment piece by piece for a cleaner room.

For inspiration, here are some ways that a cleaner window area can lead to greater cleanliness in the home overall. What starts with custom curtains and drapes could lead to better hygiene everywhere and a more relaxed, comfortable place to live:

A cleaner window area can lead to greater cleanliness in the home overall

  • Clean drapes mean fewer allergens: Make sure you clean the window curtains regularly to reduce the amount of dust and other irritants that build up in your home. In an article for The Telegraph.com, Janette Lonsdale recommends that homeowners implement washable shades as well. Since allergens can come from many different sources and dwell in certain materials, homeowners need to be proactive in reducing all potential allergy triggers.
  • Good windows will save you time and money: Invest the care needed to keep your windows up-to-date, and over time you could end up spending less than if you had neglected them. Replacing a window completely can be expensive, but using a window film to keep the glass protected is a more cost-friendly solution. Making strategic improvements to the windows is preferable to waiting until they have to be totally replaced later on.
  • Opening and closing the windows at strategic times helps air out the room: A piece from the Sioux City Journal references the Green and Healthy Homes Initiative, which recommends keeping a steady supply of fresh air flowing in and out of the home. Obviously, keeping the window open at all times could pose some problems and make things too drafty, but done strategically this could help relieve the presence of irritating fumes or odors in the house. A window in good condition will be easier to adjust this way.
  • Avoid investing in less effective alternatives: Dr. Patrick Win of the Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Center in Illinois told the Telegraph about some of the less effective practices for keeping homes clean. "We don't suggest air purifiers or vacuum cleaners with ionizers that tend to emit ozone," he said. "Ozone is an irritant to the respiratory mucosa, causes shortness of breath and is very harmful to people with respiratory allergies and asthma." On the other hand, cleaning the window and focusing on keeping irritants out that way could be a better idea that keeps you from making less effective investments.

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