3 Window Treatment Ideas For Homes With Balconies

3 Window Treatment Ideas For Homes With Balconies

Live in a condo or penthouse in the city? Maybe you're lucky enough to have a lavish beach home? In any case, if you have a balcony, you've likely considered different approaches to dressing up the door that leads to it. Custom window treatments will fit the style and shape of your home. They will dress the window and also fit your functional needs, such as privacy.

With the year slowly heading into the warmer months, homeowners with outdoor space may soon find a reason to entertain guests outside or simply relax for themselves while enjoying the view. The windows and doors around the balcony area are important points to assess as you prepare for sunnier weather. 

These three suggestions will help homeowners get their balconies and the windows around them ready for more use:

The windows around the balcony area are important points to assess as you prepare for sunnier weather.

  • Drapes work for windows and doors: Some balcony windows are small and only occupy a relatively contained space, as seen in one of the photos in this Houzz article about balcony decor. In this case, drapes will cover the entire section. Drapery panels make great additions to windows and doors by providing cohesive look around the balcony area. Homeowners can easily slide them away with a decorative traverse rod, or leave them hanging loose, as either method grants the window some coverage.  
  • Install window films for sun protection and privacy: Glass sliding balcony doors often let in an abundance of light but also provide neighbors with a front-row view into the home. Window films are an easy solution to these concerns, since their transparency is easy to adjust and can be set to fit the current lighting conditions without completely sacrificing privacy.
  • Privacy sheers will cover from ceiling to floor: If you've seen the images on our Luminette® privacy sheers page, you know how they will cover a wall completely, giving a more finished look and ample privacy. For transparent balcony doors that utilize glass, homeowners should imagine how a long stretch of sheers that fits the whole wall will make the space more comfortable and give them plenty of material to work with. Homes with corner windows will need a treatment that looks seamless, and Luminette® Privacy Sheers are one way to address that as well.

Where your apartment or house is located will factor into the window treatment decision you make. High urban apartments filled with lots of natural light during the day may want to consider more light filtering options, where privacy and street lights won't be an issue. ,Balcony or patio entrances that are located in the suburbs will perhaps be better suited by other options that provide a dual function of light control as well as privacy. Enclosed outdoor spaces are also areas where a light covering to the door could be appropriate.

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