Thanks For Sending the Best People to Help Us!

Thanks For Sending the Best People to Help Us!

Hello, Bruce

This week Chris installed our new bedroom and bathroom shades. They look great, thanks to Chris’ skills and Terri’s great patience. Chris did a nice job neatly removing the very old hardware and shades, and then installing everything perfectly.

Home decorating is definitely not a strength of mine. I think I put up our old bedroom shades over 20 years ago! So, needless to say, I needed a lot of information about 21st century technology and design. I can really say that Terri has the perfect personality for the work she does.

Now I see what a difference updating can make. So I’m looking around the rest of our old house and thinking that I should work on a few other rooms. I would certainly continue to use Window Fashions products. Terri has introduced me to additional concepts, such as electronic remote controls for the shades, etc. We hit it off together – Terri was gentle in her suggestions, not “pushing” higher priced products, as some others might do. Instead we discussed all possibilities, from colors to materials, to how certain shades are controlled.

So I thought I would provide feedback to you and your company. Thanks for sending the best people to help us!

Irene L. , Somerville