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Save On Your Energy Bills with 3 Considerations

Save On Your Energy Bills with 3 Considerations wjfigw4q3

Are you enjoying your summer? The sunshine and blue skies we’ve been having are what we look forward to all winter long, but the heat sure is on this year. Whew! With temperatures climbing into the 90s and intense sunshine on top of that, it’s probably taking a toll on your home and your energy bills. Are you, your air conditioner, and your wallet ready for some sweet relief? Window coverings can turn your home from sweltering  to comfortable–like a summertime oasis. Here are three things to consider as you choose window coverings to help you save on your energy bills this summer–and all year long.

Save with Features for Location

save on your energy bills NYCThe direction your windows face makes all the difference when it comes to how sunshine interacts with your home. North and south facing windows won’t get the intense direct rays that east and west facing windows do. Choosing window coverings that offer the right features for the location of your windows can really help you to save on your energy bills. For east and west facing windows, insulation at the window is key, and you’ll often want ways to reduce glare and draw in light with north and south facing windows. Top down bottom up operation is great for that. Oftentimes you need completely different features for the window shades in your living room as compared to those in your bedroom. That’s why Hunter Douglas offers fabrics, materials, and textures that work well with many window covering styles. You get all the beauty and all the benefits! By carefully selecting the features of your window shades, you can keep the summer sun’s heat from plaguing your home–and your energy bills–while still enjoying the benefits of natural light, privacy, and view-through.

Save with Automation

save on your energy bills NYC

If you want to experience serious energy savings, then we have two words for you: PowerView motorization. With motorized shades, you set the scenes along with the schedule, and it takes care of the rest. PowerView adjusts your window shades automatically throughout the day, so your home’s atmosphere is always ideal. As the sun moves, so do your shades. In fact, you can even program PowerView to adjust your window coverings based on your ever-changing local sunrise and sunset times. With an automatic schedule, intense sun doesn’t get a chance to heat up your home regardless of whether you’re there or not. And when you are away, you can control your shades at the touch of a button with the PowerView App from your favorite device! Convenience, comfort, and consistency…PowerView is a sure way to save on your energy bills and upgrade your lifestyle.

Save with Energy-Efficiency

save on your energy bills NYCIf your air conditioner is running non-stop on hot days, or if you’re sacrificing your comfort to cut costs, it’s time for a better solution. Obviously if you’re looking to save on your energy bills, you want to increase the energy-efficiency of your home. But, how? Window shades are one of the best ways to do that. Bare windows magnify the sun and heat–which means it can be hotter inside your home than out! Energy-efficient window coverings have the ability to insulate your home, so they help maintain a consistent temperature. That means your air conditioner doesn’t need to work as hard, and that translates into both comfort and savings for you! Duette shades are the industry leader when it comes to energy-efficiency. Their cell-within-cell structure provides pockets of air that protect your home from the elements just outside your windows. It’s no wonder why they’ve earned the highest ranking.

Start to Save On Your Energy Bills…

Don’t spend another gorgeous summer day dreading the effects of the sun on your home and wallet. It’s time to save on your energy bills with window coverings that are just right for your unique spaces. On top of increasing energy-efficiency, they’ll also add style, sophistication, and the benefits of light control and privacy. So, contact us today, at Metropolitan Window Fashions, for a free, in-home consultation.

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Help Your Home Keep Its Resolutions In the New Year

Help Your Home Keep Its Resolutions In the New Year wjfigw4q3

We’re entering mid-January–you know what that means. All of those ‘things’ you took a stand for about two weeks ago? How are they going? We all know that making resolutions in the New Year is this mandatory cultural norm that many people adhere to every year, but those same resolutions are well-known to not last very long. Much of it has to do with your surroundings. If your walls could talk, what would they say? If your home could make resolutions, what would they be? We have some tips on how to help your home keep its New Year’s resolutions–and they may sound familiar, helping you keep your resolutions, as well.


#1 Home Resolution: Make Me All I Can Be.

keep resolutions in the new year with organization Has your home reached its full potential? Probably not, and that’s ok. Part of making resolutions more successful is realizing that success isn’t measured by perfection, but by progress. In Marie Kondo’s bestseller, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, she teaches us that tidying is not just about decluttering, but it’s a transforming process of surrounding yourself with what ‘sparks joy’. Help your home keep its resolutions in the New Year–and probably one of your own–by following Kondo’s advice. Take away things that are causing grief, frustration and guilt. Surround yourself with beauty, memories, style and joy. Don’t feel overwhelmed by organization–take it a little at a time. Start with your sock drawer, and go from there. Give yourself kudos for tackling small projects, and before long, your home will be more organized than when you started, and you’ll feel better, too. It’s important to realize that you are designing your own life, not someone else’s. Thinking of sprucing up the atmosphere in your home to help you save money, control the light and enhance privacy this year? We have some amazing promotions for you! 

#2 Home Resolution: Make the Most of My Assets!

keep resolutions in the new year in your kitchenIt can be easy to notice everything that’s wrong with something–a home, a wardrobe, a body. The problem is that if you focus on the negative, you’ll forget to take notice of the positives. There is good there. To help keep your home’s resolutions in the New Year, one thing you’ll have to do is learn how to turn a negative into a positive. That terrible glare in the living room that chases you away each morning until the sun goes down? You can find solutions for that–but you first should notice how incredible it is to have natural light entering your home in the first place. Turning negatives into positives is a state of mind, and you may have to work on it, but it will affect your life in ways you’ve never imagined. Learn to love what you have, notice what you’ve been missing, and find ways to make it better. Doesn’t that sound like how you wish you could live your life year-round?

#3 Home Resolution: Make Small Changes Over Time.

keep resolutions in the new year in small waysOne resolution that everyone seems to focus on this time of year is physical appearance, and your home is no different. Transforming a space, much like making changes to your own body, takes time, and you have to stick with it. In order for your home to keep its New Year’s resolutions this year, it’s time to stop making New Year’s resolutions. Wait…What? That’s right. If you want to make changes to your home and yourself, you have to stop trying to make those changes once a year, and instead, revisit small goals for yourself on a regular basis. Want to be more organized? Schedule time once a month to organize a collection of items in your home, or do it room by room. Want to be more physically fit? Set a small goal for yourself to go to the gym more times next week than you did this week. Have you decided that you want to redecorate, but since ‘redecorating’ is so incredibly vague and overwhelming, you’ve already given up? Realize that there are ways to make the changes that you want without taking on too much at once. When it comes to helping your home keep its New Year’s resolutions, we can help! At Metropolitan Window Fashions, we handle the tough stuff for you–from window coverings and custom drapes, to paint and custom upholstery, we have exciting options for you choose from. We make decorating fun, and we’ll take our time to make sure you are enjoying the process and creating the home you’ve always wanted. So whether you want to start one room at a time, or you would like to start with custom bedding, pillows or accents–and go from there–we would love to help you.

Change is hard, and that’s why you need to give yourself the time, energy and credit you deserve. Start small, and keep coming back after short periods of time to reevaluate your progress. Your home will thank you for helping keep its resolutions in the New Year, and you’ll be happier. Want help with a project in your home for style, light control or energy efficiency? We’d love to come to you for a free shop-at-home experience. Contact our team, at Metropolitan Window Fashions, today!

Window Shades That Match Your Personality

Window Shades That Match Your Personality wjfigw4q3

Your home should speak volumes of your personality. The style, the unique design–if you want to make your house a home, look no further than the inspiration that comes from within. We’re here to help with common personality traits and a selection of carefully chosen window shades that determine the atmosphere of your home. From the color scheme to the beautiful accents, you home should surround you with design elements that match your unique self. Adding ambiance, style and incredible function, window shades coordinate your home and your lifestyle. And the timing couldn’t be more perfect. For only a few more days, you can take advantage of our Season of Style savings–the best sale of the year on window shades that will match your personality and your budget!


The Ultimate Organizer

duette window shades for your personalityClean lines. Orderly. Systematic. You crave the uniformity that comes when everything is as it should be. You can only relax when meticulous design meets coordinated function. A bit of a perfectionist, you’d love your home to feature the ideal atmosphere around the clock. Duette Honeycomb window shades will fit the precise nature of your personality with crisp pleats and straightforward organization. As if created for you alone, PowerView motorized window shades help you set the perfect scene. The PowerView App lets you schedule, plan and save favorites so you can go about your life as if you had your very own atmosphere-setting personal assistant. You’re welcome.


The Style Expert

silhouette window shades for your personalityAlways in on the latest trend, with an eye for design that leads to long-lasting style, your friends envy how easy it is for you to style yourself with impeccable class. Your home features beautiful styling with each detail hand-selected. What about window shades? Your home’s atmosphere should fit your personality: on point and stylish, with an air of subtle sophistication. The sheer fabrics of Silhouette window shades will give your home the ambiant glow you’ve always wanted, while also protecting the valuable accents you hold dear. Perfect for any circumstance, Silhouette window shades feature adjustable vanes for levels of lighting. Exclusive and highly sought-after, Silhouette A Deux adds a blackout shade to the same shared headrail, yet provides independent function. That means you’ll enjoy soft, filtered light when you want, and then easily convert the space to darkness for movie night or blissful sleep. Cutting-edge design with graceful elegance. That sounds just like you.


The Carefree Optimist

pirouette window shades for your personalityLife is about enjoyment, and that extends to your home. You want to surround yourself with happiness and positivity. You love rays of sunshine, the breathtaking landscape of the outdoors, and the peace and calm found in early morning. The window shades that will increase the harmony and joy in your home and life are Pirouette window shadings. Flowing fabrics add incredible style while the adjustable sheer backing not only softens the sunshine, but provides dynamic view-through to your beautiful landscape. Mood-enhancing natural light is welcomed in without the frustration of glare. Adding PowerView motorization or room-darkening will allow you to customize your home to meet your lifestyle needs. No worries, just happiness. Doesn’t that sound amazing?


The Novice

solera window shades for your personalityYou dream of having a home that exudes style, charm, beautiful design, but you just aren’t sure where to start. You might be afraid of choosing elements that won’t coordinate for a successful finish. Maybe you’re so busy with your life that you never seem to have time to even begin shopping and selecting pieces for the perfect look. No matter what obstacles are coming between you and your dream space, we can help. Our desing consultants come to your home for a free, in-home consultation. We’ll listen to your ideas and your lifetyle needs while also sharing fabric samples and inspirational photos that will help you have a fun and exciting design experience. We can help you see the big picture so you’ll be happy with the results. And there’s no better time than now to choose window shades for your budget–like the stylish Solera window shades seen here, or one of the other selections in our Season of Style sale. But these offers are only available for a limited time. It’s time for you to style your home to fit your personality with the atmosphere, comfort and function that meets your lifestyle needs. Contact our team, at Metropolitan Window Fashions, for a free, in-home consultation.

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What Are the Best Shades for Windows That Face East? West?

What Are the Best Shades for Windows That Face East? West? wjfigw4q3

Your home is full of its own unique characteristics–the little idiosyncrasies may be what you love most. But what if some of the attributes of your home are wreaking havoc in your life?  Your windows play a big part in your comfort level at home. The direction your windows face set the atmosphere in every room. If you don’t have the right window shades, you’re probably a victim of drafts, heat, and intense sun…but, you don’t have to be! Understanding the location of your windows and what they need will create comfort and convenience in your home and your life. Here’s what to consider when choosing the best shades for windows that face east, west, north or south.


Best Shades for Windows that face any directionYou love starting the morning with beautiful light flowing into your home. As it illuminates your day, you radiate energy and productivity. Plus, there’s nothing like the feeling of those warm rays shining in to take the chill off after a long, winter night. Then, ten o’clock rolls around, and you’re dying! While you might enjoy some time in the sauna at the spa, it’s not what you want in your living room or office! Perspiring, frustrated, and drained, you search for a place to escape. When you’re considering the best shades for windows that face east, you want energy-efficient shades that filter the sun’s rays. This way you can enjoy the beauty and benefits of natural light, but eliminate blinding glare and intense heat. Also, PowerView motorization is a feature that you won’t want to refuse. With its latest innovation, the PowerView App uses GPS data to determine sunrise times in your area so you can schedule your shades to move automatically based on when the sun will rise. Everyday, you can wake up and go about your morning in the perfect atmosphere without having to do anything!


Best Shades for Windows that face any directionAs the day draws to a close, you look forward to a quiet evening at home or a lively night of entertaining. Your floor-to-ceiling windows show off the stunning sight of sunset colors and landscape–the perfect backdrop for whatever you have planned. While the view is grand, the atmosphere is probably not. In the winter, you deal with cold drafts as storms flow in from the west, and, in the summer, unyielding sun has been heating up the place since noon. Not only that, but harsh glare might make you want to watch TV on your phone, hide in your closet or pass out sunglasses at the door when your party guests arrive. The best shades for windows that face west knock out all of these problems. They should offer energy-efficiency to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home–no matter the weather outside. Shades with directional vanes and filtered sheers will maximize your view and minimize that horrible glare. For large-scale windows, selecting top-down bottom-up operation makes balancing light and view preferences simple, and so does PowerView motorization. On top of automatically adjusting your shades according to the ever-changing sunset time in your area, PowerView features the Pebble remote and PowerView App for operating hard to reach windows easily.

North and South

Best Shades for Windows that face any directionRooms with north- and south-facing windows might be the ones you run to in your quest to elude the discomforts of spaces with east- and west-facing windows. While free of the issues associated with direct sunlight, these windows are not immune to problems. They can make you feel like you’re living in a cave and are often tormented by wind and weather. When selecting the best shades for windows that face north and south, look for shades with vanes that can be easily adjusted to pull in natural light. This will give you the best possible daylighting and bring you out of the cave. Ensure that they have insulating properties, too. You’ll be thankful for that layer of protection against the cold and heat that comes in from just outside your windows. Your gratitude will only increase if you choose PowerView motorization. If you travel often or spend a lot of time away from home, you’ll love being able to operate your shades from anywhere in the world with the PowerView App. The ability to schedule your shades to create the optimal atmosphere in your unique spaces automatically throughout the day is just icing on the cake.

Make the most of your windows–whatever direction they face. Control light, manage temperature, and add convenience to transform and enhance your home as well as your life. With so many great options from Hunter Douglas, finding the best shades for windows that face east, west, north, or south can be tricky. That’s why we’re here! We’d love to guide you through our selection of shades and help you find the ones that are right for your home’s unique window locations and needs. So, contact our team at Metropolitan Window Fashions for a free, in-home consultation.

Home for the Holidays–Get Your Home Ready with Custom Decor

Home for the Holidays–Get Your Home Ready with Custom Decor wjfigw4q3

The holidays are just around the corner. It’s hard to believe there are only 5 more Fridays before Thanksgiving. If you want to get your home ready for those holiday gatherings with personal, custom decor, Metropolitan Window Fashions is your one stop shop! Whether you are looking to provide dynamic light and style with custom drapes, window coverings and decorative hardware, or add a stunning scene in your dining room with custom upholstery, we would love to help. Our design experts are ready to help you create the perfect scene just in time for those upcoming gatherings. And the special savings we have will complete the look of your home with custom decor. But don’t wait–that unique look you are dreaming of takes time. Contact our team today!

Custom Upholstery

custom decor custom upholsteryIt’s coming up on that time of year when friends and family come together to share a delicious meal, thoughtful gifts and wonderful memories. Make your home the backdrop of these special moments with custom decor that will let you relax, sit back and even put your feet up for a snooze after that turkey dinner. We are talking about custom upholstery. There’s no better way to customize a space in your home than choosing fabrics with the patterns, colors and textures that speak to your heart. Whether you are adding custom upholstery to a well-loved piece of furniture, or simply changing up the design scheme of your home, this custom decor will add eye-catching style as your guests settle in for their time with you. During the month of October, we are offering 20% off Robert Allen fabrics and 20% off custom labor on your upholstery project. Twice the savings for unlimited style!

Custom Drapes

custom drapes custom decor custom window coveringsNo holiday gathering would be complete without the right ambiance. With custom curtains and drapes, you will set a dramatic scene in your home with fabrics that heighten the style and light control that you can adjust, no matter the time of day. The layered look is one of our favorite style trends–like the beauty of a custom blinds or shades that diffuse the natural light–while the custom drapes in your favorite color scheme and design frame the window. Add top treatments such as cornice boards or valances for sophisticated style. This month, you can receive special savings on custom window treatments with the purchase of fabric blinds or shades for that exquisite layered look! And the savings continue with sheers fabrics by the foot and 20% Robert Allen fabrics. Get the look you’ve always wanted with these elements of custom decor.

Custom Window Coverings

custom decor solera soft roman shadesHunter Douglas’ Season of Style is on–and the savings are the best we’ve seen! Just in time for your upcoming holiday celebrations, you can receive incredible savings on top-of-the-line window shades for your home. This beautiful addition of custom decor will personalize your space as you choose from some of the most popular window shades, like Vignette Roman Shades and Pirouette Window Shades. Amazing benefits of light control, privacy and UV protection will guard your home from the elements. If you’re thinking about our anticipated winter and colder temperatures, with the beauty of Duette window shades and Solera Soft Roman Shades, you also get high levels of energy efficiency. With so many styles, features and fabrics to choose from, get that custom look you are wanting for this holiday season. This month, ask about our free cordless upgrade.

There’s no better time than now to upgrade the style of your home with custom decor. And there’s no better time to save. It seems too early to be talking about Christmas and Hannukah, but they’re on their way! At Metropolitan Window Fashions, we know the customization process can take time with the handcrafted care put into your design elements. That’s why we are offering such amazing savings–to get you in the holiday mood! You want your home to be the perfect setting this holiday season. Contact our team for a free, in-home consultation.

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3 Tips for the Perfect Dining Room Decor

3 Tips for the Perfect Dining Room Decor wjfigw4q3

With the holidays fast approaching, it’s time to make those changes you’ve been dreaming of for your Dining Room. Regardless of your personal style, there are constant elements of design that should be considered. We have 3 tips for you as you begin the process of updating, upgrading or doing a whole Dining Room makeover.

#1 Create ambiance.

Lighting is probably one of the most important elements of room design when you consider the atmosphere of your Dining Room. The key is to keep it soft. No one wants to eat in the dark, but having glaring light is a put off as well. For the perfect atmosphere, you have a few choices. Adjustable overhead lighting–a chandelier or light fixture–that is on a dimmer will be an excellent choice. Spread the light and add to your Dining Room decor with lamps on a side table for style elements and function. Some dining rooms feature recessed lighting that functions on another switch to add or remove light based on circumstance. And last, but not least, your window treatments play a big role in atmosphere–both in style and function. Layering custom drapes over sheer window coverings will heighten the style of your Dining Room decor while setting up the perfect ambiance.


#2 Make it comfortable.

Depending on the size of your dining room space, your choices for furnishings will vary. In a small space, a round or oval table will add intimacy for quaint dining. Comfort is important–you want your guests to settle in and concentrate on enjoying the food and the company, not the distraction of having to shift in their seats. Upholstered seating adds dynamic style and can soften the feel of your dining space. If you have a dining room that is large enough to offer space for extra seating, a conversation spot is a great addition–two beautiful chairs angled towards each other with a small table in between. It’s the perfect spot for enjoying a glass of wine and quiet conversation after dinner. These side chairs can add unique design characteristics to your Dining Room decor.


#3 Surround yourself with beauty.

Memories and cherished moments will fill your upcoming holidays. Make your home environment one that surrounds you with the beauty you love. Making your Dining Room decor personal will allow you to feel a sense of peace and relaxation. Sweeping the organizational world right now with transformative anticipation, Marie Kondo’s book, the life-changing magic of tidying up, tells us not just to discard what is not needed or loved, but more importantly, surround yourself with what fills you with joy. Walls, designed with a relaxing color, or a pop of vibrancy will set the tone of the room. Artwork, accent pieces, a mirror–these items will add to your Dining Room decor to help you create your own personal, joy-filled space. Find inspiration with contemporary trends, like the asian-inspired accent of Ginger Jars, or check out our Pinterest page for ideas that spark your imagination. No matter what you love, we can help you make your design dreams a reality–and the best part is we do it for free with complimentary in-home consultations.

The holidays are coming. Style your home with the perfect Dining Room decor to make those gatherings extra special this year. At Metropolitan Window Fashions, we love helping you find exactly what you need to put together a beautiful look. Unique design elements, custom upholstery, custom drapes and window coverings will add just the right dining room decor for your upcoming holiday moments. Contact our team for a free, in-home consultation.

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Enjoy a Personal Stylist for Your Home–And It’s Free!

Enjoy a Personal Stylist for Your Home–And It’s Free! wjfigw4q3

Have you ever dreamt of living in a space that was the perfect combination of atmosphere, style, comfort and function? Would you love to have an expert designer that listens to what you want and offers valuable advice and inspiration that fits exactly what you’re looking for? Metropolitan Window Fashions will send you a personal stylist for your home. The best part? It’s free. No risk, but all the benefits. You will be on your way to the space you’ve always wanted. You just have to take a chance on us.


Fabrics of Every Color, Texture & Pattern


Personal stylist custom fabricsWalk into any store–the patterns, textures and colors range from soothing to invigorating. What looks are you loving right now? The striking appearance of stripes, or the sheen of metallics? How about the rustic look of burlap, or the airy feel of linens? Our immense selection of fabrics will allow your own personal stylist the opportunity to put together design elements in your favorite colors, patterns and textures. From unique fabrics, to those commonly seen in stores, we’ve got them. No project is too big or too small. Right now, you have the opportunity to enjoy incredible savings with fabrics that can give your home a whole new look: Robert Allen fabrics are 20% off during the month of October.

Custom Window Treatments for Style, Function & Form


personal stylist custom shutters custom window treatmentsNothing sets an awe-inspiring scene quite like custom window treatments. Adjustable light control, filtered daylighting, beautiful fabrics, stylish form–just a few of the benefits that create atmosphere and a polished look for your home. And your personal stylist will come to you for a design consultation to find out just what fashion, form and function will fit your decor and your lifestyle. From the classic look of hardwood plantation shutters, to the contemporary appeal of Silhouettes–with soft fabrics and sheer backing that offer an ambient glow and dynamic view-through, your personal stylist will be there for you with samples, idea books and expert advice.

Custom Curtains, Custom Upholstery & Custom Design


personal stylist custom curtains custom upholsteryYou might be ready for a whole new look, and you just don’t know where to start. That’s where a personal stylist will be a dream come true. Listening to what you like–and don’t like–a personal stylist can take your inspiration and turn it into a vision of perfection. And the beauty of Metropolitan Window Fashions is that we do it all. From custom curtains to Sherwin Williams paint, we can see your room makeover through from A to Z. Looking to enhance a well-loved piece of furniture for a fresh, new look? We make it look easy–even offering you custom labor on upholstery during the month of October. A personal stylist will be able to recommend beautiful design elements while guiding you to savings that you’ll love.  


Have you been dreaming of a home that features a put-together look, while catering to your lifestyle? We have the perfect solution. Your experience with a personal stylist from Metropolitan Window Fashions will transform your home and your life. It’s free–no hassle, no risk, all the rewards. Contact our team for your free, in-home consultation today!

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It’s Autumn: Rustic Decor, Window Treatments & More

It’s Autumn: Rustic Decor, Window Treatments & More wjfigw4q3

Rustic decor has entered the design scene with its romantic charm and inviting style. And the timing couldn’t be better. With the arrival of autumn, vintage looks that offer a put-together appearance, yet relaxing and comfortable at the same time, have become one of the most sought-after trends this year. From distressed furniture to shabby chic fabrics, each design element adds to the charismatic appeal–it’s vintage style with a contemporary twist. To top it all off, you can welcome in the glowing light of autumn with window treatments that play off of nature’s inspiration. This is the one of the most beautiful times of year–enjoy it throughout your home with the laid-back air of sophistication we call rustic decor. Need help? Our design experts can come to you with inspiration, ideas and the perfect pieces to get you started.

Autumn is About Beautiful Light


The light that enters our homes during the season of Autumn has a glow to it, a certain warmth, like the last moments of a summer sunset. It’s the perfect season to enjoy the boost of energy the sun provides as you try to accomplish all you can before winter arrives and the pace of life slows down. The vintage look of an antique chandelier can add character to your dining space, while the textured window treatments bring in the harmony of nature. Whitewashed furniture, like the table in this home, is perfectly paired with chairs that feature upholstery with nailhead embellishments. The fresh flowers add to the positive energy in the room, enhancing the mood as a tribute to summer’s goodbye.

Autumn is About Gatherings


There’s no better way to welcome in a new season–especially the warmth and richness of autumn–than with friends and loved ones. Your home can feature a table setting of rustic decor that displays florals of the season encompassed by shabby chic fabrics, like the wrapped burlap seen here. Down home, relaxed but chic gatherings are a sure-fire way to get everyone in an autumn mind set.

Autumn is About the Perfect Atmosphere


window treatmentsSet your home apart this autumn with the charming look of rustic decor. From elements of nature found throughout your home in artwork, tablescapes and pieces of decor, you can create an atmosphere that welcomes ambient lighting and elegant design. Window treatments will add the finishing touches to your space with nature-inspired textures and materials, ensuring you enjoy the breathtaking views of autumn happening right outside your home.

At Metropolitan Window Fashions, our design consultants would love to help you achieve the look you’ve always wanted. We can come to you with inspiration, ideas and expert advice to help you design the perfect space. Contact us for a free, in-home consultation.

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Sleep Solutions Just for You

Sleep Solutions Just for You wjfigw4q3

Your home. Does it sometimes feel like Grand Central Station? The continuous go-go-go of your life can be fun and exciting, but also exhausting. Plagued by daytime fatigue, difficulty concentrating, and irritability, you hide under-eye circles behind a giant mug of coffee. You don’t have to suffer! We have sleep solutions that will make the recommended 7 to 8 hours of sleep more than just a dream. Are you dreaming of better sleep? Our Season of Savings promotion offers some of Hunter Douglas’ most popular window shades with amazing benefits and savings for you! Here’s how to get some glorious shuteye amid the constant energy, motion and busyness of your everyday life.

Clean Up Light Pollution

sleep solutions

While manmade light sources offer convenience, they disrupt the natural rhythms of nature. From the blaze of streetlights, billboards, and passing traffic, to your TV, smartphone, and iPad, light litters your bedroom. Being exposed to light at bedtime can make falling asleep–and staying asleep–tough. It’s time to clean up light litter! Turn off or cover the glow of devices–or consider keeping them out of your bedroom altogether. Install window shades that feature blackout and room-darkening fabrics. They will add an element of style while helping to create the necessary darkness that will turn your room into a sleep sanctuary.

Turn the Sound Off

sleep solutions
Along with light, sound may be making a mess of your sleeping habits and patterns. You may not even realize just how much noises are reducing the restorative power of your rest because sounds don’t have to jostle you awake at night to be a problem. Noises can simply arouse your brain and prevent you from going into deeper stages of sleep. So, if distant sirens, grumbling planes, beeping automobiles, and vigilant dogs are the quartet that plays your nightly lullaby, window coverings that absorb sound are a must-have in your home. They will be sleep solutions you relish!

Rest and Relax

sleep solutions
Easier said than done, right? Demanding and hectic days get the best of everyone. It can be so hard to unwind, and some of your usual attempts may actually be interfering with getting quality sleep. Late-day exercise and TV before bedtime can wake you up, and a nightcap can leave you floating in a light stage of sleep. Instead, spend fifteen minutes enjoying a calming activity–such as listening to quiet music, reading by a soft light, or stretching. Then, head to bed. Also, make sure that your home is a comfortable, consistent temperature. Being too hot or too cold can make it impossible to relax–which is already hard enough. Energy-efficient window shades can be a big help with this. Their insulating properties work to maintain a stable temperature regardless of whether snow is flying or the summer sun is scorching outside. With these sleep solutions, you’ll be relaxed and ready for dreamland in no time!

Surround Yourself with Convenience

sleep solutions
Does your home boast a desirable panoramic view? Seeing the skyline, or overlooking your own beautiful landscape from floor-to-ceiling windows is a treat like no other. Managing glare and privacy, however, can be a time-consuming challenge. Not with the intelligent technology of PowerView automation, though. Select and save the positions of the window coverings throughout your home that provide just the right amount of light, privacy, and room ambiance for different times of day and occasions. Then program them to occur automatically or control them from your favorite device with the PowerView App. Setting the scene for your next dinner party has never been easier. Plus, you can schedule your window shades to enhance your sleep patterns. Set them to rise and let the sun peek in to wake you up in the morning and then to lower while you start your relaxing bedtime routine. Your window shades will work for you morning, noon, and night while you rest easy! PowerView provides convenient and innovative sleep solutions you shouldn’t live without!

You’re busy all day long being your best–you should have the best sleep! It’s time to discover sleep solutions that will boost your productivity, mood, and health. If you are ready for the features of window coverings to turn your nights of tossing and turning into nights of celebrated slumber, we would love to help. And right now, you have an opportunity for amazing savings on Hunter Douglas’ most popular window shades with our Season of Savings! Contact our team at Metropolitan Window Fashions for your free, in-home consultation.