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Save On Your Energy Bills with 3 Considerations

Save On Your Energy Bills with 3 Considerations wjfigw4q3

Are you enjoying your summer? The sunshine and blue skies we’ve been having are what we look forward to all winter long, but the heat sure is on this year. Whew! With temperatures climbing into the 90s and intense sunshine on top of that, it’s probably taking a toll on your home and your energy bills. Are you, your air conditioner, and your wallet ready for some sweet relief? Window coverings can turn your home from sweltering  to comfortable–like a summertime oasis. Here are three things to consider as you choose window coverings to help you save on your energy bills this summer–and all year long.

Save with Features for Location

save on your energy bills NYCThe direction your windows face makes all the difference when it comes to how sunshine interacts with your home. North and south facing windows won’t get the intense direct rays that east and west facing windows do. Choosing window coverings that offer the right features for the location of your windows can really help you to save on your energy bills. For east and west facing windows, insulation at the window is key, and you’ll often want ways to reduce glare and draw in light with north and south facing windows. Top down bottom up operation is great for that. Oftentimes you need completely different features for the window shades in your living room as compared to those in your bedroom. That’s why Hunter Douglas offers fabrics, materials, and textures that work well with many window covering styles. You get all the beauty and all the benefits! By carefully selecting the features of your window shades, you can keep the summer sun’s heat from plaguing your home–and your energy bills–while still enjoying the benefits of natural light, privacy, and view-through.

Save with Automation

save on your energy bills NYC

If you want to experience serious energy savings, then we have two words for you: PowerView motorization. With motorized shades, you set the scenes along with the schedule, and it takes care of the rest. PowerView adjusts your window shades automatically throughout the day, so your home’s atmosphere is always ideal. As the sun moves, so do your shades. In fact, you can even program PowerView to adjust your window coverings based on your ever-changing local sunrise and sunset times. With an automatic schedule, intense sun doesn’t get a chance to heat up your home regardless of whether you’re there or not. And when you are away, you can control your shades at the touch of a button with the PowerView App from your favorite device! Convenience, comfort, and consistency…PowerView is a sure way to save on your energy bills and upgrade your lifestyle.

Save with Energy-Efficiency

save on your energy bills NYCIf your air conditioner is running non-stop on hot days, or if you’re sacrificing your comfort to cut costs, it’s time for a better solution. Obviously if you’re looking to save on your energy bills, you want to increase the energy-efficiency of your home. But, how? Window shades are one of the best ways to do that. Bare windows magnify the sun and heat–which means it can be hotter inside your home than out! Energy-efficient window coverings have the ability to insulate your home, so they help maintain a consistent temperature. That means your air conditioner doesn’t need to work as hard, and that translates into both comfort and savings for you! Duette shades are the industry leader when it comes to energy-efficiency. Their cell-within-cell structure provides pockets of air that protect your home from the elements just outside your windows. It’s no wonder why they’ve earned the highest ranking.

Start to Save On Your Energy Bills…

Don’t spend another gorgeous summer day dreading the effects of the sun on your home and wallet. It’s time to save on your energy bills with window coverings that are just right for your unique spaces. On top of increasing energy-efficiency, they’ll also add style, sophistication, and the benefits of light control and privacy. So, contact us today, at Metropolitan Window Fashions, for a free, in-home consultation.

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Too Busy? PowerView Motorized Shades Will Be Your Personal Assistant.

Too Busy? PowerView Motorized Shades Will Be Your Personal Assistant. wjfigw4q3

Has the busyness of life got you feeling crazed? From work schedules to extra-curricular activities, it doesn’t stop. When life gets out of control, you need a way to reel everything back in. You need help. And PowerView motorized shades will be the answer you’ve been searching for. I know what you’re thinking: The more technology we bring into our lives, it should get easier, but it almost seems like life is moving too fast. That’s because you haven’t experienced first-hand the ‘intuitive” technology that automation can offer. The benefits of PowerView motorized shades will transform your life and your home with…well, as cliché as it sounds…the touch of a button. Imagine with us for just a moment…


Your Schedule…Handled.

powerview motorized shadesSchedules, schedules, schedules. We have overbooked our lives in every aspect. It’s time that you got a little help handling the time crunch. PowerView motorized shades can be scheduled for you – no more worrying that your spouse forgot to close the shades so the dog doesn’t go crazy with morning traffic. No longer will you have to jump back out of the car on a hectic morning so your home isn’t filled with direct (and often damaging) sunlight all day long. The PowerView App has the capability to schedule openings, closings and tilt adjustments based on time of day, specific rooms, even individual windows–from anywhere in the world on your favorite device. The control you need without a single thought. In a word: Perfection.


The Ideal Atmosphere…Always.

powerview motorized shadesBecause you are the mastermind behind your family’s success, you deserve the ease of lifestyle control that PowerView motorized shades have to offer. Have you ever looked around, even for three seconds, and thought, “Life is good.” With automated shades, those moments will come more naturally and more often. The atmosphere will always be serene, the temperature will always be comfortable, and the lighting will always be just right with the touch of a button. Doesn’t that sound amazing? And it doesn’t matter the room or circumstance. With the Scene Selector on the PowerView App, in mere seconds, you can communicate quickly and easily to select favorite scenes based on your family’s need in that moment. The perfect atmosphere will even make the sound of your children arguing almost seem tolerable.


Style, Comfort, Control…It’s Yours.

powerview motorized shadesWith PowerView motorized shades, you’ll have a lot less to worry about. Now you know that your schedule is taken care of, the atmosphere will always be great, and the style is amazing. PowerView offers an upgrade for your lifestyle, but also for the designer styling of your home. The PowerView Pebble Remote, or surface remote, is just one more way that PowerView motorized shades are the answer to helping you create the life of your dreams without hassle. With a range of on-trend colors, you can choose the sleek, contemporary look that goes best with your decor. And you never have to hide an ugly remote again. Designed as intentional decor, this valuable piece of equipment allows you fingertip control of adjustments and scenes. It’s just one more way that you can add convenience and style to your life.

Lifestyle control–isn’t that exactly what you need? The benefits of PowerView go on and on, and with your busy life, you deserve to feel like someone else is taking care of things for once. Are you ready to find out how PowerView motorized shades can transform your life? At Metropolitan Window Fashions, we love to be able to offer you the latest trends and technology, in addition to beautiful window coverings for your home.  If you’d love to upgrade your home with the atmosphere, temperature, privacy and energy efficiency you need, contact our team for a free, in-home consultation.

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Child-safe Window Coverings: What You Need to Know

Child-safe Window Coverings: What You Need to Know wjfigw4q3

“Making the decision to have a child – it is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.” –Elizabeth Stone

Parents worry. It’s what we do best. And no matter the age of your children, the worries may change, but they are always present. The last place you’d expect your child to be unsafe is inside your own home. This month, we want to bring to light an issue that often gets overlooked with sometimes frustrating–and even scary–consequences. Children are curious–they make their own fun. Sometimes those adventures can be harmful. Child-safe window coverings are a must when you have children in your home. This October, we want to help make your home a safe place for your family with free cordless upgrades. Check out some of the options we have for you…

PowerView Motorization

Intuitive Technology + Automated Shades = Safety (& tons of convenience!)

child-safe window coverings with motorized shades You’ll do anything to keep your kids safe, including trying to keep cords and strings out of harm’s way. It’s not safe to tie cords up and out of reach, and the function of your window shades is lost. You just want some peace of mind, right? Motorized window shades will be the answer to all your troubles. Without cords or strings, you will achieve incredible safety for your children–and the convenience of PowerView motorization is unsurpassed. No more running back into your home to lower the window shades after an already hectic morning. No more living in a cave all day because you didn’t have even one extra minute to adjust your window shades open that day. Everything can happen with the touch of a button, either on your PowerView Pebble remote or your favorite device. Child-safe window coverings combined with loads of convenient features–it’s just what you need.

LiteRise Lift System

Effortless Operation + Cordless = Safety (for children, pets & your investment!)

child-safe window coverings child's bedroom literise Your window coverings have amazing benefits of light control, energy efficiency and privacy. But as a child, the windows need to be clear–to watch, learn and enjoy the outside world. Much of the time, when your child is at the window, they just want the window blinds to be out of the way. So they mess with them–not always harmful to your child, but almost always harmful to the window blinds themselves. And the rest of your home is the scene of your child’s most exciting adventures–the cords of window coverings may end up as part of the story: a rope to climb, a lasso to throw, a pulley for a toy truck. Child-safe window coverings feature lift systems–like the LiteRise operating system from Hunter Douglas–that take the cords out of the equation. LiteRise is easy to function–one simple push or pull and the window shades stay right where you put them. That means your little ones stay safe, and because they are so easy to use, your window shades stay safe, too.

What if cordless isn’t an option?!?!

Floor-to-ceiling windows + Furniture Obstacles = Don’t Panic.

child-safe window coverings cord lock for safety There are circumstances when cordless may not be the best decision for your family. We know that there are situations where the lift system is chosen based on your needs and the unique design of your home. That’s why we want you to know you have options for child-safe window coverings even when a cord is involved. Safety is a top priority at Hunter Douglas, so they have gone above and beyond to ensure safe features for other lift systems. The short, retractable cord of UltraGlide will allow you simple function, but keep the cord out of harm’s way. The continuous cord loop that is such a popular operating system is easily tightened and fastened inside the window frame–secure and subtle. Safety is what matters, and you have options, no matter your circumstance.

Safety in your home is a huge concern, and you deserve peace of mind, knowing your family is protected. At Metropolitan Window Fashions, we care about you and your loved ones. We want to help guide you to child-safe window coverings that will keep your home free of danger. During the month of October, take advantage of free cordless upgrades, and let out a sigh of relief. Contact our team for a free, in-home consultation today.

Transform Your Home and Life with Before and After Window Coverings

Transform Your Home and Life with Before and After Window Coverings wjfigw4q3

You’ll rarely hear anyone complain about a sunny day throughout the New York or New Jersey areas. We relish every glorious beam–especially as Autumn arrives, heading us into the doldrums of winter. Sunlight gives us energy and improves our mood. It’s nature’s antidepressant. However, when not controlled in your home, natural light can really get you down. The chic, elegant space you carefully designed quickly turns into a sauna with blinding glare and damaged decor. The good news is that it doesn’t have to! Keep your home stylish and your spirits high with the right window coverings. Are you thinking about making a change? Our Season of Savings promotion offers some of Hunter Douglas’ most popular window shades with amazing savings for you! Here’s a glimpse at how before and after window coverings can radically improve the look and feel of your home.

A Familiar Scene


before and after window coveringsLarge-scale windows, similar to these, are likely a centerpiece of your home. There’s nothing finer than sitting down with a cup of coffee and taking in your beautiful landscape from your favorite chair…except when the sun’s out and you can’t see it at all! Harsh glare is just one problem, though. UV rays are streaming in along with that sunlight. Over time, they damage and discolor your prized furnishings, flooring, and art. Another negative effect that you can’t see, but you can certainly feel, is the temperature. Excessive natural lighting from your floor-to-ceiling windows can overheat the interior of your home. So, rather than relaxing, all you can think about is escaping. If this “before” scene is one you can relate to, it’s time to experience the “after” of before and after window coverings.



before and after window coveringsJust look at the difference! It’s almost unbelievable, but believe us, this can be a reality in your home. With the simple addition of Duette shades, the sun’s glare is no longer in full force. Soft, ambient lighting fills the room thanks to the top-down bottom-up feature of these shades. This makes it possible to appreciate the smart interior design. Colors stand out and will remain vibrant because the shades, while adding their own element of beauty, also block harmful UV rays. While it looks great, you can bet the room feels great too. With the highest standards of energy-efficiency, Duette shades are perfect for helping to maintain a comfortable, consistent temperature throughout the year. Plus, the automation of PowerView motorization makes taking in the view effortless when the time is right. Once the sun isn’t so strong, one touch of a button, or one tap on your favorite device, will move your shades to reveal the breathtaking panorama that lives just outside your windows.

Now’s the Time


Amazed at the contrast of before and after window coverings? Want to balance the benefits of natural light and privacy in your own home? Now’s the time! Adding an air of designer style, protection, and comfort, the right window shades will make all the difference in your home and in your life. Don’t wait to experience the change. And right now, you have an opportunity for amazing savings on Hunter Douglas’ most popular window shades with our Season of Savings! Contact our team at Metropolitan Window Fashions for a free, in-home consultation today.

Sleep Solutions Just for You

Sleep Solutions Just for You wjfigw4q3

Your home. Does it sometimes feel like Grand Central Station? The continuous go-go-go of your life can be fun and exciting, but also exhausting. Plagued by daytime fatigue, difficulty concentrating, and irritability, you hide under-eye circles behind a giant mug of coffee. You don’t have to suffer! We have sleep solutions that will make the recommended 7 to 8 hours of sleep more than just a dream. Are you dreaming of better sleep? Our Season of Savings promotion offers some of Hunter Douglas’ most popular window shades with amazing benefits and savings for you! Here’s how to get some glorious shuteye amid the constant energy, motion and busyness of your everyday life.

Clean Up Light Pollution

sleep solutions

While manmade light sources offer convenience, they disrupt the natural rhythms of nature. From the blaze of streetlights, billboards, and passing traffic, to your TV, smartphone, and iPad, light litters your bedroom. Being exposed to light at bedtime can make falling asleep–and staying asleep–tough. It’s time to clean up light litter! Turn off or cover the glow of devices–or consider keeping them out of your bedroom altogether. Install window shades that feature blackout and room-darkening fabrics. They will add an element of style while helping to create the necessary darkness that will turn your room into a sleep sanctuary.

Turn the Sound Off

sleep solutions
Along with light, sound may be making a mess of your sleeping habits and patterns. You may not even realize just how much noises are reducing the restorative power of your rest because sounds don’t have to jostle you awake at night to be a problem. Noises can simply arouse your brain and prevent you from going into deeper stages of sleep. So, if distant sirens, grumbling planes, beeping automobiles, and vigilant dogs are the quartet that plays your nightly lullaby, window coverings that absorb sound are a must-have in your home. They will be sleep solutions you relish!

Rest and Relax

sleep solutions
Easier said than done, right? Demanding and hectic days get the best of everyone. It can be so hard to unwind, and some of your usual attempts may actually be interfering with getting quality sleep. Late-day exercise and TV before bedtime can wake you up, and a nightcap can leave you floating in a light stage of sleep. Instead, spend fifteen minutes enjoying a calming activity–such as listening to quiet music, reading by a soft light, or stretching. Then, head to bed. Also, make sure that your home is a comfortable, consistent temperature. Being too hot or too cold can make it impossible to relax–which is already hard enough. Energy-efficient window shades can be a big help with this. Their insulating properties work to maintain a stable temperature regardless of whether snow is flying or the summer sun is scorching outside. With these sleep solutions, you’ll be relaxed and ready for dreamland in no time!

Surround Yourself with Convenience

sleep solutions
Does your home boast a desirable panoramic view? Seeing the skyline, or overlooking your own beautiful landscape from floor-to-ceiling windows is a treat like no other. Managing glare and privacy, however, can be a time-consuming challenge. Not with the intelligent technology of PowerView automation, though. Select and save the positions of the window coverings throughout your home that provide just the right amount of light, privacy, and room ambiance for different times of day and occasions. Then program them to occur automatically or control them from your favorite device with the PowerView App. Setting the scene for your next dinner party has never been easier. Plus, you can schedule your window shades to enhance your sleep patterns. Set them to rise and let the sun peek in to wake you up in the morning and then to lower while you start your relaxing bedtime routine. Your window shades will work for you morning, noon, and night while you rest easy! PowerView provides convenient and innovative sleep solutions you shouldn’t live without!

You’re busy all day long being your best–you should have the best sleep! It’s time to discover sleep solutions that will boost your productivity, mood, and health. If you are ready for the features of window coverings to turn your nights of tossing and turning into nights of celebrated slumber, we would love to help. And right now, you have an opportunity for amazing savings on Hunter Douglas’ most popular window shades with our Season of Savings! Contact our team at Metropolitan Window Fashions for your free, in-home consultation.