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Make Your House a Home: Custom Curtains & Upholstery

Make Your House a Home: Custom Curtains & Upholstery wjfigw4q3

Have you been dreaming of making your house a home? A space highlighted with sophisticated design elements, yet comfortable at the same time? If you’ve been considering it, there’s no better time than right now. Your dreams of having that put-together look is one phone call away. With a free, in-home consultation, one of our expert designers will be your personal stylist for ideas, inspiration and guidance. Custom curtains, upholstery and more–we would love to design the room of your dreams. Looking to breathe new life into your home with contemporary appeal? During the month of October, save money while creating a designer look with Robert Allen fabrics.

Custom Curtains with Robert Allen Fabrics


Coordinated Living.

There’s something that happens when custom curtains are added to a space–striking sophistication combined with smooth elegance. Bringing together the entire space, custom curtains coordinate style while adding valuable function and amazing benefits. The fabrics offer color, pattern and texture for a well-defined look. The atmosphere is influenced easily with custom curtains–created to provide just what you need for your home’s unique space. Window dressing is truly an art form. With beautiful fabrics, like the exquisite look of Robert Allen fabrics, you can count on your personal stylist from Metropolitan Window Fashions to deliver your dream space.


Statement Pieces.

Well-loved and full of character, furniture earns its place in our homes, and in our hearts. The comfort of a favorite arm chair, the softness of a cherished sofa–these pieces make your house a home. But what about style? Your treasured furniture has been made to last–and it has. But now that it feels like it’s time for a change? Embrace it, and have fun. Your beloved furniture is still full of life. Custom upholstery lets you savor the features you love about your furniture with a refreshment of the style. The contemporary statement you can make with Robert Allen fabrics will give your home and belongings the makeover you’ve been waiting for!


Zero Risk.

Chances are, you’ve seen upholstery pieces you love and found inspiration for custom curtains on sites like Houzz and Pinterest. But what about actually making it happen? If you’re like most people, you might not have the confidence or vision to create your dream space. That’s where we come in. Our design experts are here for you, listening to your ideas, considering the function and lifestyle needs of your space and guiding you with the latest style and information. We want to help you turn your design dreams into reality.

During the month of October, we have exclusive savings on custom projects, including 20% off Robert Allen fabrics and 20% off custom labor on upholstery for your next design makeover. Whether you want the flowing look of custom curtains, the sharp appearance of custom upholstery or an entire space designed for the perfect look, our team at Metropolitan Window Fashions is here for you. Contact us for a free, in-home consultation today!



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A Room Without Fabric?

A Room Without Fabric? wjfigw4q3

Fabric may be used extensively to enhance interior decoration. Today’s home designs include hardwood floors instead of carpet, granite counter tops replacing old style Formica and appliances that are stainless steel instead of enameled finishes in white or black. Now look at the windows. You will find materials like woven natural shades or solar shades, shadings, shutters and wood blinds. What do floors, appliances and window fashions all have in common …they are all hard surfaces. While colors abound in these categories the predominant choices by today’s consumers remain neutral colors.

The missing elements:


Look through Window Fashion Vision magazine, or search drapery and roman shades on Pinterest. (you can search for drapery and shade styles on Pinterest at Metropolitan Window Fashions.) You will see hundreds of images that combine hard window fashions (Hunter Douglas shades and blinds) with fabric or windows with just fabric alone. Look for opportunities to bring out color and enhance the room’s appearance. If the room is loaded with hard surfaces look around the house for color in other elements of the home, art, area rugs, furniture even tableware and wall colors. Picking up on color themes can be your guide to adding a splash of color in pillows, valances and panels. We offer over 40,000 fabric choices from great sources like Duralee, Robert Allen and more.


The strongest senses in design are touch and sight – in many ways they are linked together. Just by looking at a surface you instantly know if it is a soft or a hard material. Notice when you look at fabric it is an instinct to touch it. Comparatively we all know what a wood blind feels like and we ignore it. When we talk about 2 different fabrics we often use the term “HAND” to describe how the fabric feels and how it will drape for the particular application. Fabric also adds texture; most modern elements in today’s home have a smooth texture. Fabric helps break that up by offering a different tactile experience.

Soft material also evokes feelings of comfort and warmth. A great side benefit of using fabric is its acoustic properties it will absorb sound making conversation, listening to music or watching a movie a better experience.


Most of the elements in our home have little pattern. Fabric gives you the opportunity to add an interesting visual element into the space. Rooms with lower ceilings can be enhanced with vertical patterns and stripes to make the room look larger. Adding a pattern, whether geometric or a natural pattern like a botanical, is like adding art to the window. The blinds may be great looking but it is the pattern that is visually interesting to our eyes and can become a topic of conversation.

When we see a room without fabric, we want to help. The most attractive shade will never outshine the visual appeal of a fabric panel, a great splash of color from pillows or that crowning finish of a cornice or valance. Contact us today to have one of our talented designers come to your home or office for a free decorating consultation.
Metropolitan Window Fashions would like to thank Jennifer Rose from America’s Window Covering Buying Network (AWCBN) for the content of this article. AWCBN is a network of the largest independent Window Fashions retailers in the United States.

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New Collections from Robert Allen Fabrics

New Collections from Robert Allen Fabrics wjfigw4q3

Springtime is in the air. With only a couple of weeks left until the start of spring, everyone is longing for invigorating colors and adventurous designs. With the latest collections of fabrics from Robert Allen, you won’t be disappointed. From the light, airy look of florals, to the deep saturation of jewel tones, you’ll find colors that will add the stunning look you’ve been craving! Our design consultants can help you find the Robert Allen fabrics that will bring the perfect look to your home, with coordinated styling across your space. Custom upholstery, accent pillows, custom drapes–you name it, these fabrics will set an awe-inspiring scene in your home.

Into the Garden

robert allen fabrics into the gardenSpringtime sophistication, with a touch of whimsy, the inspiration behind the “Into the Garden” collection from Robert Allen fabrics, pulls from countryside gardens all the way to the shore. Large florals, geometric patterns and woven textures capture the eye for a unique combination of cottage chic meets modern styling. Experience greens, blues, pinks and yellows like you’ve never seen them before. Don’t you love how the colors and patterns coordinate with complementary style, yet mix up the designs for a truly custom look? Our designers will help you select fabrics for just the right combination.


Drenched Color

robert allen fabrics drenched colorRich colors in alluring patterns bring the intensity of the “Drenched Color” collection to life. Inspired by colors found in natural elements, such as berries and roots, these Robert Allen fabrics use natural dyeing methods to achieve such extraordinary shades of powerful pinks and deep blues. From the influence of unique global prints, to intricate geometric patterns, you can easily achieve a custom look with dramatic style. Can you see how elegant these fabrics could frame your windows, bringing the whole space together for a designer look?


Solids & Textures

robert allen fabrics solids and texturesWhether you love the exquisite styling of linen velvets, or the sophisticated distinction of textures in tweed or ribbed fabrics, the “Solids & Textures” collections will inspire the design of your home. In these collections, from Robert Allen fabrics, the range is vast–encompassing projects from indoor to outdoor and from custom upholstery to window treatments. See for yourself! Come visit us for an up-close and personal visit with these gorgeous fabrics. You’ll fall in love, just as we have! 

Are you ready for spring? Is your home ready for a whole new look? Now is a great time to start. From the designer look of Robert Allen fabrics, you’ll discover collections to make your next decor project an exhilarating adventure. With in-store specials on fabrics and custom products each month, not only is now a great time to start, but you’ll save money, too. Our design consultants will come to you for a shop-at-home experience full of inspiration and advice. Contact our team, at Metropolitan Window Fashions, for a free, in-home consultation.

5 Ways Taupe Adds Beautiful Design

5 Ways Taupe Adds Beautiful Design wjfigw4q3

On the heels of the Sherwin Williams color of the year 2017 announcement, we are dedicating inspiration to 5 ways that you can bring taupe into your home design. Full of versatility, with contemporary appeal, this shade will help you create the perfect look in your home. Taupe is all about atmosphere, emotion and comfort. Capable of pairing with pops of your favorite bold colors or subtle shades, it mingles nicely while helping make a fierce statement of design. Most people are searching for balance in today’s world, and we love how taupe ushers in the feeling of calm, chic sophistication without appearing pretentious. Can you do taupe throughout your home? We think so. During the month of September, we are offering a special promotion on Kravet Fabrics so you can make your house a home in your favorite colors and patterns. Now, take a look at our favorite room designs in taupe styling, and then let us know if you plan to bring this lovely shade into your home design scheme.


Taupe’s Neutral Palette

Fuhlam SW6

The great thing about using taupe in design is that it allows you to create a neutral palette in your home. It’s warmed up enough to give your home comfort, but the style options are unlimited. Pair with browns, pair with grays…it’s really up to you and your decor choices. What you need to know about taupe is the range of colors come from the hues that make up each individual shade. Some versions have more yellow and red in them, whereas others have an almost blue or purple cast to them. And because taupe itself can be a bit of a chameleon, you’ll want to see which exact shade suits you, from brown to gray.


Sharp Contrast: Taupe with White

Parade 2009

If you love darker versions of taupe, you’ll enjoy the sharp contrast that happens when paired with white. Because of the versatility of taupe, depending on the shade you choose, the color can look varied–from warmer browns to cooler grays. This small office space is crisp with the contemporary wall color and bright white trim. The plantation shutters continue the clean, organized feel of the space for a style statement and incredible light control.


Cozy: Cooler Tones of Taupe

Easy Elegance

Taupe allows this space to breathe. It’s light and airy while enormously comfortable and chic. They chose a taupe with cool gray tones, just a touch of brown. The beauty of this shade is the simplistic elegance it can create. The drapery panels offer dimension without overstyling the space, and the accent pillows coordinate the bedding for the perfect finish.


Feature Artwork with Taupe Walls

Interior shots

One piece of focal artwork can be the design statement you’ve been wanting to incorporate into your home. Wall color can play a big part in the result. Too bold of a color may take away from the characteristics of the piece, and stark white might underplay the art, washing it out. Taupe brings balance. It’s enough color to warm up the space, yet subtle enough to provide a backdrop that doesn’t steal the thunder. The black frame of this piece is striking against the wall.


Shades of Taupe

taupe color adds beauty

One of the reasons we’re so excited about this latest style announcement has to do with one of the biggest design statements you can make in your home. Dressing your windows with the perfect ‘shade’ of taupe is a great way to add beauty and function to your space. We love what shades and window treatments can do for your home. This is an ideal choice for shades because it coordinates the space with textures and features of the fabrics for a designer look. Window shades also let you enjoy your decor for years to come. This timeless color is all about classic styling, and the function of window coverings will ensure that the atmosphere of your home is comfortable and protected with long-lasting durability.

Are you a fan of taupe? Do you already have it in your home? We are excited to see where this alluring shades takes the design world in the coming year. Looking for help? Our team, at Metropolitan Window Fashions, and will come to you for a free, in-home consultation.  In addition, all of our Metropolitan Window Fashion locations are exclusive Hunter Douglas Gallery Dealers.  We’d love to help you figure out how to incorporate your favorite colors into your home through custom upholstery, window treatments, accent fabrics and more! Contact us today.

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The Finished Look You’ve Always Wanted: Custom Draperies

The Finished Look You’ve Always Wanted: Custom Draperies wjfigw4q3

You walk into your home, a glowing atmosphere filled with colors that speak to your style, decorated with accent pieces that make your heart smile. Do you dream of achieving this very polished, put-together look in your home? A look where everything coordinates and you can relax in comfort and style? We have a secret to share with you. You can have it all…the location, the decor, the furnishings. But until you finish the look of your windows with coordinating design, you won’t breathe a sigh of relief that you’re “done”. Custom draperies are the finishing touch your home needs to frame your windows and coordinate your home for alluring design. It’s not as hard as you think. All you need is a bit of inspiration and an expert who can understand your style–before you know it, your home will be gleaming with the customized look and beauty of a perfectly finished home.

Start with the right fabrics.

custom draperies fabricut fabricsThe key to finishing your home at the windows, is understanding that the fabric you select has the ability to transform the space, alter the tone and set the overall atmosphere. The colors, textures and patterns of the fabric must all come together in a rhythm that you love. Custom draperies frame your windows, while also tying in the decor throughout the space. They have a big job to do, but the results can be incredible. Finding the ideal fabrics is easy and fun with the help of our design experts at Metropolitan Window Fashions. We’ll listen to your style preferences and then provide you with a great selection of swatches that fit just what you’re looking for. We offer savings throughout each month, so your custom draperies will not only fit your style, but your budget, too!

Find the perfect contrast.

custom draperies floor length styleEvery once in awhile, we have clients that know exactly what they want. If that’s not you, don’t stress! Most people need to see designs put-together to be able to visualize the perfect contrast. And contrast is important when you are talking about custom draperies. Not only do they provide the coordinating decor that brings the space together, but they also function as three-dimensional art. This artwork of your windows can add the small pop of color you need to coordinate. Your custom draperies can tie in the designs of accent pieces with intricate detailing. It’s important to know how much is just the right amount of contrast for the ideal look. We love to help you by pairing colors, patterns and prints that will create the striking look you’ve been dreaming of.

Pick complementary finishings.

custom draperies borders and tapesThe process of finishing your space with custom draperies won’t be complete until you select the smallest of details that actually play a big role in that ‘finished’ look. This where the individuality really shines. Your personal style is reflected beautifully through the hardware that displays your custom draperies. What type of finials will complement your home’s unique decor? Which border will contrast the look of your custom draperies, while also bringing together the accents within the same shared space? From small embellishments, to numerous elements of design, we will be there to ensure the sophisticated elegance of your home. We will be there when it all comes together for you.

The finishing touches of custom draperies–are you dreaming of this for your home? At Metropolitan Window Fashions, we have access to a vast selection of fabrics, hardware, borders, trims and much, much more. It’s what we’re known for–putting it all together so you can live in the home you’ve always dreamed of. Our design consultants will be with you every step of the way. Contact our team for a free, shop-at-home appointment today.

How to Add Color to Your Open Concept Living Space

How to Add Color to Your Open Concept Living Space wjfigw4q3

Designing a home and living space with an open, airy feel is a very popular choice in design. Welcoming a feeling of relaxed comfort and flowing harmony, the open floor plan allows one area to share conversation with another. Commonly seen when the kitchen opens into the living room, this type of design scheme invites togetherness and shared experiences, easily making smaller spaces seem large. The energy flows, the layout works…but what about the design elements? How do you add color to your open concept living space? Too much color may overwhelm the eye, while too little may seem unfinished. We have some great ideas for you as you consider adding just the right hues for that polished look.


The Colors–You’ve Got to Love Them.

add color to your open concept living space benches area rugsOne thing is for sure, when you add color to your open concept living space, the colors you choose need to be colors you love–shades that make you feel good when you’re surrounded by them. Because open floor plans include a number of rooms, for an unlimited amount of circumstances throughout the day, you’ll spend much of your time in this space. Remember that not everything across the shared spaces must match. Many colors pair well with one another, coordinating well without appearing too matchy-matchy. The foundation color will most likely span across the space, so subtle colors work best for the foundation and trim. Then it will be up to you to decide which accent colors will work.

Let Your Windows Make a Statement.

add color to your open concept living space custom drapesNot only do the windows in your open floor plan bring in amazing natural light, but they provide a gorgeous backdrop of the outside world. When rooms are combined into a shared space, the windows break up the wall space much like artwork. Make a beautiful statement at the window, while also gaining tremendous function with window treatments. Adding color to your open concept living space has never been easier than with flowing custom drapes, top treatments and window shades. Adding dimension and style, custom window treatments let you have control over how much light and privacy your home has. With custom fabrics, colors and textures, you can add beautiful design elements and frame your breathtaking view.

Add a Focal Wall for Accent & Style.

add color to your open concept living space wallpaper paint accent wallToo much bold design might overwhelm you, so choosing one wall to make into the focal point of the room is a great way when you’re thinking of adding color to an open concept living space. Typically, the chosen wall is not the wall with the largest amount of space. It’s better to let one of the smaller walls receive big style. One method is to choose a wall that is easily visible when walking into the space. Another design scheme is to paint one wall space in each “room” area of the open floor plan, allowing each room to showcase a different accent color. Use the architectural features of your home, and your own personal preferences, to decide which type of focal wall works for you. Both paint and wallpaper can be great ideas when adding color to your open concept floor plan.

Personalize the Space with Furniture, Rugs & Decor.

add color to your open concept living space area rugs blanketsPlay with the idea of how arranging the furniture might change the atmosphere. You’ll want it to lend itself to the energy flow of the space. Conversation spaces are popular for living rooms, adjusting the furniture so it’s easy to enjoy another person’s company. You may like the idea of using the furniture to create division of the space, adding a more intimate feel. Whatever you decide, adding color to an open concept living space is easy with accent pieces, decor and rugs. Area rugs and decor, such as lamps and artwork, can help you show off your personal style for the perfect look.

Open concept floor plans offer inviting design, and you can have a lot of fun with the color and decor. At Metropolitan Window Fashions, we would love to help you figure out which design elements will bring out the best in your home and give you the look you’ve always wanted. From window shades and custom drapes, to paint and decor pieces, we can help you get started adding color to your open concept living space. Contact our team today for a free, shop-at-home experience, where you can find inspiration and ideas for the ideal color scheme for your home, right from the comfort of your living room.

Want to Spice Up the Look of Your Home? It’s All About the Fabrics and Upholstery.

Want to Spice Up the Look of Your Home? It’s All About the Fabrics and Upholstery. wjfigw4q3

Is your home starting to feel like it needs a fresh look? It’s the time of year when everyone starts looking around their homes, wondering what will do the trick to change up the look, to freshen the style. Fabrics and upholstery are the key to introducing new style and cutting-edge design. Our design consultants are ready, with inspiration and fabric swatches, to help you find the ideas that will bring a new look to your home. Wondering where to start? We can come to you for a free, shop-at-home experience, or you can stop into one of our showrooms to browse through fabrics and upholstery that will add the perfect accent to your home. During the month of January, save on the beauty of Fabricut Fabrics and the custom labor you’ll need for your dream project. Need some ideas? Start with these…


Mix & Match for Style

The trick to adding personality to your home with upscale fashion is to rethink your current design elements, and change things up for a whole new look. At the windows, fabrics will add flowing dimension and layers of style in custom drapes and top treatments. The dining room will be the envy of all of your friends with a set of upholstered chairs that feature fabrics of different textures, patterns and colors to create your own look. Follow the same advice with accent pillows in the living room or bedroom. Mix fabrics for coordination, not a perfect match, and you’ll love the result.


Make a Stunning Statement

Create a dramatic scene in your living room or entryway with a focal wall that uses fabric to make a style statement. Channel the 17th century with lush fabric tapestries to heighten the fashion of your space, as well as keep out the draft. In the bedroom, your bed is the ideal way to showcase your style with custom bedding and accent pillows in colors and textures you love. Want to go one step further? We love the look of custom upholstery on a headboard. It fills the space with a sophisticated air, and creates the focal point for the room. In your office, add an inspiration board–a simple bulletin board, covered in fabric and finished with trim or nail heads–as a place to dream and plan for life ahead.


Savor Family Heirlooms

It can be a generous gift to receive an item that once belonged to a well-loved family member. But what if the years are beginning to show? What if you love the sentiment, but hate the fabric? There’s no need to get rid of that treasure! Heirlooms that have been passed down from one generation to the next add such a comfortable familiarity, and they often have a great deal of life left in them. At Metropolitan Window Fashions, we use custom upholstery to bring new life to your favorite pieces.

It’s time for you to add stunning style and fresh design elements to your home. Revitalize the look of your home and favorite accents with fabrics and upholstery that you love. Our design consultants can help you discover the right colors, textures and prints you are looking for. Contact our team, at Metropolitan Window Fashions, for a free, shop-at-home appointment today.

5 Ways to Make Your Relationship Better (Just in time for Valentine’s Day!)

5 Ways to Make Your Relationship Better (Just in time for Valentine’s Day!) wjfigw4q3

I don’t know about you, but there are some very distinct items of discord in my home. It seems that no matter how much you may love your significant other, their mere existence–and many of their personal preferences–can still drive you crazy. Much of the time, it’s not over-the-top arguments that pull couples apart. It’s the little things: One of you is more prompt than the other, the other one keeps the TV on for background noise–and you both have a hard time deciding where to go for dinner. That’s why we’re offering you, and your special someone, five ways to make your relationship better. And it couldn’t come at a better time! Not only is Valentine’s Day right around the corner–February 14th is coming sooner than you realize, but this is one of the best times of year to outfit the design of your home. Create the ambiance of your dreams, while making your relationship even better than it already is…What’s more romantic than that?

#1 Find the Perfect Comfort Zone.

make your relationship better with temperature controlControlling the thermostat–it’s one of the most talked about quarrels between couples. One of you likes the heat up, one of you likes the atmosphere to be cool and refreshing. Typically, the conversation circles back to both cost savings and a good night of sleep. We have two great gift ideas for Valentine’s Day that will make your relationship better and help you both find a comfortable compromise. One is a digital thermostat. The newest thermostats on the market allow you to, not only customize the schedule of changes, but you control the temperature from your phone, so you can experience ultimate control over how and when your furnace is working, creating an atmosphere that caters to your lifestyle. Another way to warm up your home is to invest in custom window coverings that offer insulation at the window so that infamous chilly draft disappears. Most of the time, the reason the heat gets turned up in the winter is because of the energy loss that’s going right out your windows. Window shades, like Duette Architella, offer the highest rated energy efficiency on the market, and will help you keep the warm air in your home, even on the coldest days and nights. Right now, we have special savings on energy efficient window shades that will keep your home comfortable year round!

#2 Spend time together.

make your relationship better with levels of lightingIt can be hard to find time to spend together. And sometimes, it’s just as hard to decide what to do. Plan a year of activities–a bucket list for 2016–of activities you want to do together in the coming year. Each of you should make a list of 12 things, both at-home activities and special outings, and then share the list–without complaint! You’ll potentially have something to do every other weekend during the year, and both of you will feel invested as you spend time together in an effort to make your relationship better. Interested in making one of the rooms in your home more comfortable for days and nights spent together at home? Find out about Silhouette window shades and Pirouette window shades: The ultimate versatility in atmosphere customization. From game night or movie night, to Sunday brunch or a dinner party, you can always create a glowing ambiance with beautiful fabrics and a dynamic view. Take this opportunity to save on these beautiful shadings for a limited time.

#3 Create a bathroom sanctuary.

make your relationship better with a bathroom sanctuaryIn relationships, alone time can be just as important as time spent together. Sometimes, it seems like the bathroom is the only place you can be alone–and don’t pretend you don’t take advantage. From taking extra long showers, to checking social media, your personal bathroom behaviors might be the only thing saving your sanity after a long day. That’s why your bathroom should make both of you happy. You should be comfortable. Take the opportunity to make your bathroom a sanctuary–make it pleasant, comfortable, soothing. And functional. How do you do that? While having the right light fixtures is important, we have an even better idea. Top down bottom up window shades. That’s right–the top can be lowered down just enough to let in the natural light you need, but still offer the privacy and comfort you want. The bottom of the window shades is easily adjusted as well, so no matter how much light you want, or who is using the bathroom at the time, it can become your sanctuary in an instant. To make your relationship better, help your loved one have quality time to themselves. Don’t miss out on incredible savings for an upgrade to top down bottom up systems this month!

#4 Choose a design scheme that makes both of you happy.

trending fabric patterns accent pillowsTraditionally, the design scheme of the home was left to one member of the household. But in the last few years, it has become very important to make sure the look of the home pleases both of you–and sometimes that can be hard to do. With the latest trends, we have fabrics in a vast array of colors, patterns and textures to make everyone happy. That means you can both still have the elements that you love–with designs that offer sophisticated comfort. From the contemporary appeal of metallic decor, to the stunning look of geometric designs, we can help you create the perfect scene in your home–it’s a great way to make your relationship better. Our design consultants can help you with the custom bedding, custom drapes and custom upholstery that will bring the whole look together, and we even can offer you wallpaper and paint choices to finish off your beautiful space. This Valentine’s Day, give the gift of a beautiful home–starting with a free, in-home consultation for the one you love. And with savings on fabrics and custom labor, this month is the perfect time to get started!

#5 Divide the duties of the house.

make your relationship better with motorized shadesBe honest. Does one of you do more than the other when it comes to keeping up your home? While every couple is different, you should take a realistic look at what exactly is going on, and how each of you feels about it. It might be a good idea to mix things up and divvy out the chores for balance, making sure that each person feels represented–as well as acknowledged. At the end of the day, cleaning, organizing and tending to the home will be way more effective with the right light control. Mood and productivity are important factors in feeling good about your home and what you accomplish–make those a priority. Motorized shades are a perfect way to guarantee mood-enhancing, productivity-increasing light in your home without fuss. With PowerView automated window shades, it’s like having a personal assistant. A win/win as you try to make your relationship better. Isn’t that exactly what you and your partner need this Valentine’s Day? Find out how to save on the motorized shades you want!    

While it’s impossible for you to have life exactly the way you want it all the time, we hope these ideas offer compromise that will help make both of you happy and make your relationship better–just in time for Valentine’s Day. We have some exciting promotions right now that will make it easy to create the perfect atmosphere in your home. Contact our team, at Metropolitan Window Fashions, for a free, shop-at-home consultation.

Help Your Home Keep Its Resolutions In the New Year

Help Your Home Keep Its Resolutions In the New Year wjfigw4q3

We’re entering mid-January–you know what that means. All of those ‘things’ you took a stand for about two weeks ago? How are they going? We all know that making resolutions in the New Year is this mandatory cultural norm that many people adhere to every year, but those same resolutions are well-known to not last very long. Much of it has to do with your surroundings. If your walls could talk, what would they say? If your home could make resolutions, what would they be? We have some tips on how to help your home keep its New Year’s resolutions–and they may sound familiar, helping you keep your resolutions, as well.


#1 Home Resolution: Make Me All I Can Be.

keep resolutions in the new year with organization Has your home reached its full potential? Probably not, and that’s ok. Part of making resolutions more successful is realizing that success isn’t measured by perfection, but by progress. In Marie Kondo’s bestseller, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, she teaches us that tidying is not just about decluttering, but it’s a transforming process of surrounding yourself with what ‘sparks joy’. Help your home keep its resolutions in the New Year–and probably one of your own–by following Kondo’s advice. Take away things that are causing grief, frustration and guilt. Surround yourself with beauty, memories, style and joy. Don’t feel overwhelmed by organization–take it a little at a time. Start with your sock drawer, and go from there. Give yourself kudos for tackling small projects, and before long, your home will be more organized than when you started, and you’ll feel better, too. It’s important to realize that you are designing your own life, not someone else’s. Thinking of sprucing up the atmosphere in your home to help you save money, control the light and enhance privacy this year? We have some amazing promotions for you! 

#2 Home Resolution: Make the Most of My Assets!

keep resolutions in the new year in your kitchenIt can be easy to notice everything that’s wrong with something–a home, a wardrobe, a body. The problem is that if you focus on the negative, you’ll forget to take notice of the positives. There is good there. To help keep your home’s resolutions in the New Year, one thing you’ll have to do is learn how to turn a negative into a positive. That terrible glare in the living room that chases you away each morning until the sun goes down? You can find solutions for that–but you first should notice how incredible it is to have natural light entering your home in the first place. Turning negatives into positives is a state of mind, and you may have to work on it, but it will affect your life in ways you’ve never imagined. Learn to love what you have, notice what you’ve been missing, and find ways to make it better. Doesn’t that sound like how you wish you could live your life year-round?

#3 Home Resolution: Make Small Changes Over Time.

keep resolutions in the new year in small waysOne resolution that everyone seems to focus on this time of year is physical appearance, and your home is no different. Transforming a space, much like making changes to your own body, takes time, and you have to stick with it. In order for your home to keep its New Year’s resolutions this year, it’s time to stop making New Year’s resolutions. Wait…What? That’s right. If you want to make changes to your home and yourself, you have to stop trying to make those changes once a year, and instead, revisit small goals for yourself on a regular basis. Want to be more organized? Schedule time once a month to organize a collection of items in your home, or do it room by room. Want to be more physically fit? Set a small goal for yourself to go to the gym more times next week than you did this week. Have you decided that you want to redecorate, but since ‘redecorating’ is so incredibly vague and overwhelming, you’ve already given up? Realize that there are ways to make the changes that you want without taking on too much at once. When it comes to helping your home keep its New Year’s resolutions, we can help! At Metropolitan Window Fashions, we handle the tough stuff for you–from window coverings and custom drapes, to paint and custom upholstery, we have exciting options for you choose from. We make decorating fun, and we’ll take our time to make sure you are enjoying the process and creating the home you’ve always wanted. So whether you want to start one room at a time, or you would like to start with custom bedding, pillows or accents–and go from there–we would love to help you.

Change is hard, and that’s why you need to give yourself the time, energy and credit you deserve. Start small, and keep coming back after short periods of time to reevaluate your progress. Your home will thank you for helping keep its resolutions in the New Year, and you’ll be happier. Want help with a project in your home for style, light control or energy efficiency? We’d love to come to you for a free shop-at-home experience. Contact our team, at Metropolitan Window Fashions, today!

Custom Decor for the Holiday Season & Beyond

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Who falls into the hard-to-shop-for category on your shopping list? Are you struggling to think of what to do this year? You’re in luck! We have ideas to turn their “someday I’ll get to it” space into the beautifully coordinated home they have always dreamed of. Here’s the real question: Are YOU that person? Do loved ones search endlessly for the ideal gift for you each year? Do them–and yourself–a favor. Forward this email to the loved-ones who are shopping for you! During the month of December, we have specials that will turn dreams into reality. Our design consultants work closely with clients to make the free, in-home consultation fun and exciting, and then we do all the work, combining inspiration and style for the perfect look. The custom decor we design and create makes the perfect gift for the holiday season and beyond.

A Beautifully Styled Bedroom

There’s nothing quite like walking into your bedroom at the end of a long day, welcomed by custom décor that surrounds you with what you love, and then falling into the cozy warmth of hand-selected fabrics. The environment of the bedroom is important for peaceful sleep and quiet relaxation. That’s why room-darkening window shades are one of the best design elements you can add to a bedroom. Not only do they create the right atmosphere for sleep, they also give you the privacy and comfort you need. The fabrics chosen for custom bedding, pillows and custom window treatments enhance the look and feel of the bedroom for an awe-inspiring scene. During the month of December, we have specials on the beautifully styled Duralee Fabrics, plus an offer for custom labor of draperies that will layer nicely for a  sophisticated look.

A Designer Living Space

The one room in your home that rises to meet the ever-changing needs of the family–the living room–needs special design. Because the living room welcomes guests, while also providing the comfort of downtime, the style must be smart, chic, flexible. We can create a living space with custom décor that offers a finished look with heightened styling: Beautiful fabrics and colors that will make the design statement you want while offering your family the relaxation they need. From upholstery that revives your well-loved pieces of furniture, to custom window treatments for style and light control, we will design the space of your dreams, finished off with accents that bring the entire design together.

A Bathroom Sanctuary

custom decor for your bathroomStarting out the day, the bathroom should be filled with the warm glow of natural light, while offering ample privacy. The bathroom is a place to peacefully prepare for the beginning of a new day and a sanctuary of relaxation at the end of a tough one. Bathroom design deserves high-end style with custom décor that adds valuable lifestyle function. Custom décor that brings in the essence of nature adds to the harmony and flow of the space. Custom window coverings with the top-down bottom-up feature are ideal for providing privacy while allowing the natural light needed for shaving, putting on makeup and starting the day with a positive, productive mood.

If you’ve always wanted the beauty of designer styling, chances are, you’re not alone. We would love to visit that ‘someone special’ on your shopping list for a free, in-home consultation. Let them pick out their gift in advance! They’ll get a double dose of happiness. Choosing their custom décor is only the beginning. Watching a room in their home transform into the dream space they’ve always wanted? It’s the best gift of the season. And if that hard-to-shop-for person is you–don’t hesitate–forward this email on. With the special offers we have for you this month, not only will custom decor be the highlight of the holiday season, it will be enjoyed for years to come! It’s as easy as ever to contact our team, at Metropolitan Window Fashions, for a free, in-home consultation.