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Interior Design Tips

Design cues from rock star Adam Levine

Design cues from rock star Adam Levine wjfigw4q3

You know that Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine has "moves like Jagger," but he also has interior design chops too. With help from his interior designer buddy Mark Haddawy, Levine transformed his California pad to a true oasis and recently detailed the design process to Architectural Digest.

"Furnishing a home is no different than going into the studio and making music," Levine tells the magazine. "You want to make sure you've pared down all the extra details so that in the end, every stitch has a context uniquely yours."

Do you want to decorate your home like a true rock star? Take a look at some of Levine's helpful interior design tips below.

  • Added flair: The mega-star believes the original touches help give his home a unique flair. Proving that a dog is a man's best friend, the paw print of Levine's golden retriever Frankie is cast in concrete on his terrace. Additionally his collection of artistic works from Jean-Michel Basquiat, Shepard Fairey, Mark Seliger, and Andy Warhol are on display throughout his bachelor pad.
  • Curtains: Levine's home boasts thick burgundy velvet curtains that help the rock star get his beauty sleep even in the middle of the day. Levine credits the dark shades for allowing him to sleep comfortably since his nights are often filled with work.

If you want to give your home the superstar treatment, be sure to contact Metropolitan Window Fashions in New York City as well as in Paramus and North Plainfield, New Jersey for stylish custom curtains and drapes. We can ensure that your home décor hits all of the high notes and reflects your original personality. 

Celebrity interior design advice

Celebrity interior design advice wjfigw4q3

As a celebrity interior designer, entrepreneur and regular on the hit reality TV show The Rachel Zoe Project, Jeremiah Brent knows a thing or two about style. The designer recently shared his interior design knowledge with GQ, showing readers how they can make simple tweaks to their home décor that will transform the look and feel of their pad. Take a look at the expert advice below.

  • Light candles: Did you know that scent is the strongest sense linked to memory? Essentially, this means that although house guests won't remember the exact color of your love seat, they will remember how your room smells. Find your favorite fragrance and invest in a candle with a scent that you will love for a long time. Also, be sure that your fragrance corresponds to the room in your house. Sweet scents, like pumpkin pie or sugar cookies, go great in the kitchen. Floral scents are more appropriate for a bathroom. You can also use candles as a source of light on cozy winter nights. 
  • Read the fashion magazines: A lot of the times, what's hot on runway is equally as trendy in the interior design business. Brent recommends taking inspiration from the fashion world to see what patterns and colors are especially popular.
  • Realize that lighting is essential: "Never underestimate the importance of the right lighting," states Brent. You can't go wrong with natural light. If you're looking for custom window blinds to help you bring in sunlight to your room at your liking, be sure to stop by Metropolitan Window Fashions or use our complimentary shop-at-home service.

How to create a chic makeup station

How to create a chic makeup station wjfigw4q3

You may think that makeup stations are only for high-profile celebrities, but the truth is that this feature can be incorporated into your home with a little creativity. Whether you're living in your own bachelorette pad, or simply want a space to call your own in the midst of the messy bathroom you share with your husband, designate an area of your home to as a place to make you feel beautiful. Take a look at some of these helpful tips to create your own vanity station below.

  • Choose the right furniture: When it comes to makeup stations, you can either purchase a vanity table equipped with a mirror, or opt for DIY furniture. An old desk can easily be repurposed into a sleek vanity. Paint the desk to stylishly match your bedroom décor.
  • Get organized: "To organize beauty supplies, drawer dividers come in handy to ensure makeup doesn't become a jumbled mess, while tabletop organizers can function big for drawer-less vanities.  Acrylic options tend to work best since they can easily be wiped down as makeup tends to create small dusty messes," states Houzz.com contributing blogger Jen Jones. 
  • Let there be light: No one wants to walk out of their house looking like a clown. To minimize makeup faux pas, natural light is the best option, allowing you to see what your makeup will look like when you step outside. Try to situate your vanity near a window. To let an abundance of sunlight into your bedroom, accessorize your windows with custom window coverings from Metropolitan Window Fashions.

Get funky with your home design

Get funky with your home design wjfigw4q3

You've heard the term "funk" applied to music, but have you ever considered bringing funky features to the inside of your home? Homeowners, like Houzz.com contributing writer Fred Albert, often feel like certain rooms in their home are just missing something.

"At first I couldn't figure out what the problem was. I'd purchased new furniture and new window treatments, and hung my art. But still the place didn't feel inviting. Then it occurred to me: My home didn't have any funk," Albert wrote on the home design site.

So what exactly do we mean by funk? Funk is what takes a room from drab to fab and can be accomplished in many ways:

  • Get rustic: Designers are moving away from pristine furniture in favor of pieces with an edge. Rustic finishes are making a big comeback in the home sector, separating the mundane from the truly funky. The great thing about this finish is that it is affordable and can be achieved with DIY crafts. 
  • Shop at antique stores: Nobody wants their home to look exactly like the catalogue. After all, your home or apartment is reflection of your individuality. Hit up antique shops or thrift stores to find one-of-a-kind items that symbolize your personality, ranging from vases to pictures frames or mirrors.
  • Use color: Often, rooms lack funk because they are too monotone. Try introducing bright colors or metallic hues in your design scheme.

Stop by Metropolitan Window Fashions or use our complimentary shop-at-home service to find the perfect fabrics for custom draperies and furniture reupholstery to achieve a new, fresh look in your home.  

Perfect your powder room by avoiding these mistakes

Perfect your powder room by avoiding these mistakes wjfigw4q3

When decorating a home, individuals sometimes overlook the bathroom. However, aside from being an important room in your home that is used multiple times a day, a quality bathroom can actually increase the value of your house. Are you thinking about renovating your bathroom? Be sure to avoid these common mistakes, and you'll create a perfect powder room.

  • Barren walls: Bathrooms can be stylish too! Think about adding decorative paintings and feminine hand towels to your bathroom. Also, incorporate scented candles into your décor.
  • Cave-like bathrooms: Even though your bathroom is usually the smallest room in your house, there's no reason it has to feel like a damp cave. It's best if you situate your bathroom next to a wall with windows so natural light and air is abundant. Accessorize these windows with light curtains and window fashions that correspond to your design scheme. If your bathroom doesn't have windows and there's no way to add these features, consider incorporating a sky light into the room if possible.
  • Lack of privacy: Although it is important to let light into your bathroom, you're going to want to retain privacy. When decorating your first-floor bathroom, this task isn't always easy to accomplish. At Metropolitan Window Fashions, we offer shades and blinds that are perfect for the bathroom. One popular style – the 'top down, bottom up' shade – allows light to come into the top of the window, while providing privacy at the bottom. Furthermore, our quality materials are suitable for any room in the house, especially areas that are prone to moisture like the powder room.

Trick or treat your home with festive décor

Trick or treat your home with festive décor wjfigw4q3

Even if you don't have kids, you can still celebrate Halloween in style. In fact, more and more people are throwing grown-up Halloween parties these days. Are you planning a festive get-together? No party is complete without decorations. Take a look at some tips to get your home ready for October 31st from expert interior designers who recently spoke with the Associated Press, including winner of the latest HGTV Design Star competition, Tiffany Brooks.

  • Bewitching baubles: Halloween allows you to think out of the box in terms of decorations. Instead of simply adding standard pumpkins to your home, take it one step further. Brooks suggests spray painting pumpkins a shade of gray which will create a festive yet chic centerpiece for your table.
  • Creepy colors: When it comes to Halloween décor, it's time to darken your color pallet. Dark browns and grays are great for fall. If you have a light-colored couch, you can purchase stylish furniture coverings for your party. Additionally, if you plan on lighting your room by candles (which add an extra-spooky ambiance), purchase blackout shades and custom window treatments from Metropolitan Window Fashions. 
  • Festive food: Candy isn't just for kids. Be sure to have plenty of food ready for your hungry Halloween guests. MarthaSterwart.com offers fun and festive ideas for a grown-up dinner party. For instance, create deviled eggs in the actual shape of devils, or opt for a vegetable platter that mimics a Jack-O-Lantern. As for drinks, place punch in a witch's caldron. Of course, be sure to keep your kitchen stocked with your favorite sweet treats as well.

Make use of a small space with eye-tricking techniques

Make use of a small space with eye-tricking techniques wjfigw4q3

If you live in a small apartment or cozy house, there's no need to worry. A few optical illusions can trick you and your guests into believing that your space is actually larger than it really is. Take a look at some of the helpful design tips below to transform your quaint room into a spacious-looking area.

  • Choose your color pallet wisely: Have you ever heard the expression that black makes you look thin? Well, the same saying goes for paint color within your home. Darker colors make rooms appear narrower by absorbing light. On the other hand, lighter shades, like cream and pastels, open up a room. Try painting your wall trim a shade lighter than your walls, which will also create the illusion of a larger space.
  • Look in the mirror: Mirrors aren't just for applying makeup. You can use these reflective objects to trick your eye and create the illusion of a larger space. Try using mirrors on unconventional décor, such as mirrored cabinet doors or tabletops. Or, angle your mirrors toward a focal point in a room, such as a dinning table or large couch. Ultimately, they will help reflect both natural and artificial light throughout your area.
  • Make use of light: Using lighting is great way to create an inviting ambiance. Larger windows will help create the feel of an open space. Additionally, using strategic and decorative window coverings, like Metropolitan Window Fashions' custom solar shades and blinds, will also do the trick. Try incorporating sheer curtains into your room to achieve a bright atmosphere. Come into our showroom to see how our window treatments can make your room feel light and airy.

How to create an efficient home office

How to create an efficient home office wjfigw4q3

With the prominence of working parents and long commutes, many people choose to create a work-at-home space in their house. Although the internet has made this task easier, it is still difficult to obtain a location free from distractions when performing your job at home. Some strategic interior design tips can help you find a great balance between comfort and efficiency for your home office.

  • De-clutter your desk: Organizing your desk can increase your overall work experience. Being organized will allow you to stay on top of important phone calls and deadlines. Try labeling file folders and ridding your working area of unneeded clutter.
  • Limit outside noise: It is best to keep your office away from outside noise, which usually occurs in the kitchen or media room. When working from home, treat your house like an actual office. This means shutting off TV's and avoiding temptations to whip something up in the kitchen (unless you're a professional chef, of course). Also think about adding soundproof curtains or walls to your office space, which will help muffle unwanted noise.
  • Think about lighting: Chances are, you're not going to be able to be as productive if you are working in the dark. Dim lighting can trigger your brain to think it's nighttime and thus make you feel groggy. Aside from adding desk lamps to your space, it's always great to let natural light in as well. Let's face it – there's a reason why everyone desires the corner office! Use Metropolitan Window Fashions' custom solar shades to allow natural light to flood your space and increase your productivity.

Artist turns ordinary rooms into works of art

Artist turns ordinary rooms into works of art wjfigw4q3

With a background in painting, interior designer Cecilie Starin transforms ordinary rooms and homes into something beautiful. She views rooms as blank canvases, and is always eager to fill the space with artwork and furniture. To accomplish this goal, she interweaves various time periods and cultures into her design.

"I'm interested in a global approach," Starin tells SFgate.com. "I wouldn't do a room where the furniture, artwork and fabric designs are all from the same era." Aside from her own design influences, Starin also shared other trends with the news source.

  • Art: Starin says that you don't have to spend a ton of money for decorative art. Creating a salon wall with art, mirrors and other decorations can enhance a one-of-a-kind space.
  • Color: As far as colors go, she believes that gray tones have been popular for a while because of the troubled economy. But, Starin urges homeowners to find their own hue."You'll always have the geniuses and risk-takers to toss all that aside and do what they want," Starin tells the source.
  • Contrast: Starin believes in the importance of contrasting elements, which she says helps keep your eyes moving throughout the room instead of focusing on one object. Balancing colors, textures, and patterns is crucial when creating an inviting space. She tells the news source that smaller statement pieces have been on the rise. 

Whether you want to follow the trends or think outside the box, Metropolitan Window Fashions can help bring your aesthetic vision to life. Come into our showroom today to browse our selection of custom curtains and draperies. 

Give your home an “empty-nest” makeover

Give your home an “empty-nest” makeover wjfigw4q3

Have your kids all moved away to college? Whether you're jumping for joy or can't seem to shake the nostalgia, we offer a few helpful tips on how to decorate for this next chapter of your life.

  • Don't purge without approval: During the cleaning process, it may be tempting to quickly discard some of your child's belongings without his or her approval. But the last thing anyone wants is for your student to come home to find that her favorite childhood stuffed animal is now in the dumpster and that MVP award she won on her high school soccer team has been shredded. Instead of purging these items, organize them neatly in a closet. Chances are, your child will have a lot of free time during Christmas break to go through these belongings and decide what he or she wants to keep.
  • Decorate like an adult: During one chapter of your life, your home was filled with finger paintings, Legos, and Barbie dream houses. Now that your kids have grown up and moved away, you have the ability to start decorating like an adult again. This is your time to decide what look you want your home to exude. It's a great time to move from tradition and try different styles, such as mod or avant–garde vibes. Regardless of the style you choose, Metropolitan Window Fashions can help you decorate like a pro. Our wide selection of custom window drapes can make any look come to life.

Contact Metropolitan Window Fashions today to re-invent your "empty nest" into a stylish living space!