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Interior Design Tips

How to use the pastel trend in your home

How to use the pastel trend in your home wjfigw4q3

If you think that pastel colors are only appropriate for your baby's bedroom, think again. These soft shades can actually exude maturity and style if used correctly. If you want to give your home a modern makeover, take a look at a few helpful tips to help you use this trend.

  • Contrast is key: "Love pastels, but don't want your space to look like the bedroom of a 6-year-old girl with a unicorn obsession? Add something a bit rough to contrast the light hues — try a beat-up leather chair, rustic wood table, hide rug or cool, sculptural lamp," writes Houzz.com contributor Laura Gaskill. 
  • Pair with a bold hue: To make your room look less childish, pair your pastel features with bold colors. For instance, if you have a pale blue couch, add a pop of pizzazz with trendy royal blue throw pillows.
  • Pick a perfect pattern: Experimenting with patterns and textures is a great way to introduce contrast in your room. Geometric shapes and floral designs are right on trend today. Try selecting  patterned custom window coverings for a dose of pizzazz. Bring textured throw rugs, furniture, and home accessories to the mix.
  • Try masculine hues: A common misconception about pastel colors is that they can only be used to exude "femininity," but the truth is these shades can be masculine as well. Try a light green or mustard hue if you're not a big fan of pinks and purples.

If you're interested in trying the pastel trend (or any other color window coverings) in your New York home, contact Metropolitan Window Fashions for a complimentary at-home appointment.

Give your home a glam makeover in 2014

Give your home a glam makeover in 2014 wjfigw4q3

Are you thinking about revamping some of your home decor this year? If so, fashion and culture website EcoSalon suggests going for a glam vibe, as this look is expected to be very trendy throughout 2014. 

"Short for glamorous, glam decor is all about elegance, luxury, mood and drama," explains the news outlet. "It can look and be very luxe (read as expensive), and sure, when the fabulously rich style their homes it is, but it is possible to introduce elements without breaking the bank. In addition, a glamor-styled home can come across as somewhat stuffy, but it can be done in a comfy way as well."

With this in mind, here are some simple ways to glam up your home: 

Hang silver draperies – Metallic pigments always appear glamorous, but it's important not to go overboard with these colors, as they can easily become too overwhelming. Custom curtains and drapes in bold shades of silver or gold will give your room an elegant pop. 

Install a chandelier – Glam home decor should sparkle, and there's no better way to create this look than with a fancy chandelier. This statement piece will certainly draw attention next time you host a dinner party, as it has the power to truly transform the feel of a dining room. 

Use luxurious fabrics – If you're in the mood for a fun do-it-yourself project, make some throw pillows for your living room sofa using luxe materials like velvet, cashmere or silk. 

If you need assistance redecorating your home in 2014, the home design consultants at Metropolitan Window Fashions are here to help. 

Banish the winter blues with simple home tips

Banish the winter blues with simple home tips wjfigw4q3

Let's face it: Sometimes the start of a New Year can be quite stressful, as you're winding down from the holiday season. Not too mention, the cold weather doesn't do any favors to our moods. If you don't have the luxury of taking a tropical vacation this winter, you can achieve a pick-me-up with a few helpful home tips sure to get your house ready for the upcoming year.

  • Add some color: The winter is a bit blah, so why don't you jazz up your home decor to liven up this season? Try incorporating colorful custom curtains and drapes in trendy shades like Radiant Orchid or bright blue to your home design scheme.
  • Comfort is key: Turn your New York house or apartment into a homey lodge with soft and luxurious amenities, including stylish throw blankets and pillows. Sitting around the fireplace on a cold night with a warm mug of hot cocoa, or a hot toddy, can instantly make you love the winter season. 
  • Sort through your Christmas gifts: "Got some new goodies for Christmas? Instead of packing them into overstuffed closets and drawers, take a few extra minutes to seek out something similar to let go of," urges Houzz.com contributor Laura Gaskill. "New set of sheets? Pick out an older set to give away. New pair of boots? Dig in your closet for a worn-out pair to toss."

We wish you a very Happy New Year! To adhere to your design goals in 2014, be sure to contact Metropolitan Window Fashions for a complimentary at-home appointment with our home design consultants.

Interior design resolutions

Interior design resolutions wjfigw4q3

New Year's Eve is more than just an excuse to drink champagne. It's also a time to set achievable goals for the upcoming year. If your objective is to give your home more TLC in 2014, you're in luck, as Yahoo.com recently spelled out some important interior design tips for the coming year. Take a look at the helpful hints below:

  • Don't bite off more than you can chew: When tackling an interior design project, its best to stick to one room, especially if you have a spacious house. Devote your attention to completing one project at a time so that you don't feel overwhelmed.
  • Find inspiration: Although following the trends will make your home stylish, it is also important to figure out your one-of-a-kind tastes. If you're a huge fan of vintage decor, then select this style over a more modern approach. Browse the internet or pick up interior design magazines for some inspiration.
  • Plan: Before you tackle an interior design project, plan out your vision. "Start with a wish list of projects to complete over the year," designer Alissa Pulcrano of bright design lab in Portland, OR, tells the news source. "Plan, plan, plan first! Then take your concepts to your favorite designer (or two if you don't have one yet) and ask them to give you a proposal for your wish list. Take the time to plan it right."

For more interior design tips, be sure to contact our home design consultants at Metropolitan Window Fashions. We'll help you select the perfect window custom curtains and drapes for your home. 

Last-minute tips to deck the halls

Last-minute tips to deck the halls wjfigw4q3

If you still have last-minute decorating to accomplish before you welcome holiday guests into your home, don't stress! If you follow these simple DIY tips you can transform your New York pad into a winter wonderland in no time. Take a look at some helpful suggestions below:

  • Candy: Get creative with your holiday candy this year. Candy canes tied with a red ribbon make a cute arrangement for your end or coffee table.
  • Centerpiece: To create a stylish centerpiece, dig out a crystal bowl from your kitchen cabinet and fill it will silver or gold ornaments. Then place white candles on top and and shimmery strands of beads to the mix. Not only will this display look quite festive, it is also appropriate to showcase throughout the entire winter season!
  • Festive curtains: "For a seasonal window treatment, drape strands of beaded garland over a curtain rod, securing them with tape on the back," suggests Better Homes and Gardens. "Wire elegant glass ornaments to the garland, and hot-glue sprigs of greenery to the ornament tops."
  • Holiday cards: Did you receive an abundance of holiday cards this year, but just don't know where to put them? Impress your guests by showing off the picture they sent you a few weeks ago. To chicly display your holiday cards, simply entwine them in between branches of berries or other festive greenery.

We at Metropolitan Window Fashions wish you a very Merry Christmas! Be sure to stop by our showroom after the holiday, or contact our home design consultants to get your home ready for the new year!

Pretty in purple: how to use the royal shade in your home

Pretty in purple: how to use the royal shade in your home wjfigw4q3

Purple isn't just having a moment—it's expected to reign throughout 2014. In fact, purple was predicted to take the interior design world by storm two years ago, when the Color Marketing Group, a trend-forecasting organization that predicts the top shades, revealed that "Boyz-N-Berry," a shade of violet, would make a splash in 2014. It's no coincidence that color authority Pantone also gave "Radiant Orchid," a shade of purple with pink undertones, the top top honor.

There's no denying that homeowners want to be pretty in purple. But how can you achieve this look? Take a look at some purple inspiration reported by the Denver Post.

  • Add home accessories: "This year's purple is a phenomenal accent color," Mark Woodman of the Color Marketing Group told the news source. Try incorporating this shade into your home through stylish throw pillows, rugs or custom curtains and drapes.
  • Go neutral: To achieve a trendy look in your home, you don't necessarily have to use a vibrant shade of purple. The hue can be neutral, especially if it has gray undertones. Additionally, painting your bedroom purple is also shown to promote tranquility and calmness, making it the ideal color for a sleeping chamber.
  • Mix and match: A room that is floor-to-ceiling purple can come off as childish. It's best to mix in other complementary colors, like light green or a deeper magenta, to create contrast. You can even achieve stylish diversity by experimenting with various textures. 

To follow this color trend in 2014 be sure to contact Metropolitan Window Fashions for an at-home consultation! 

Get trendy in 2014

Get trendy in 2014 wjfigw4q3

Whether you're a true trendsetter, or aspire to be, treat your New York home to fashionable home décor in 2014. If you need help determining the most popular trends in home design, take a look at the list below: 

  • Black & white: The classic black and white color scheme is making a comeback in the home sector, perhaps because of runway influences. As we've seen at this year's award shows, this color combo is often the top outfit of choice for many celebrities. The great thing about this trend is that it is essentially timeless. If you're adding black and white features—whether they be a particular furniture item or custom curtains and drapes—you know they're going to last you a long time.
  • Coastal themes: While once reserved for a beach house, nautical patterns and sea-green hues are now making an appearance all over the country. Whether you live in the Hamptons, or are landlocked in the city, try to incorporate this trend into your home décor through the use of coral pillows and sea-shell accessories.
  • Mirror, mirror: Mirrors aren't just for hanging on the wall anymore. "Five years ago we saw a sudden flood of the market with mirrored everything, from nightstands, dressers, desks…you name it. We had many problems with low quality and damages back then," Steve Appel, owner of Nouveau Contemporary Goods, told the Baltimore Sun. "Now you will see companies producing transitional to cutting-edge modern case pieces with the mirror being accented as trim around the legs, top and front."

Our home design consultants are Metropolitan Window Fashions can show you how to use all of the top trends for custom window coverings next year! 

Bring southern hospitality to your New York home

Bring southern hospitality to your New York home wjfigw4q3

If you're hosting the holidays this year, it's a great time to show off your elegant home decor. Aside from giving your house guests a glimpse of great taste, hosting also means providing your friends and family with old-fashion hospitality. You've heard of the expression "southern hospitality," but there's no reason us yankees can't exude the same charm.

"When it comes down to it, hospitality is one of those intangibles that make the difference between a house and a home," interior designer Jessica McClendon writes on Houzz.com. "And while I love great design for itself, it's nurturing those intangibles that makes me love my work."

Learn how to be the hostess with the mostest with these helpful tips:

  • Provide comfortable sleeping area: If you're hosting overnight guests this holiday season, go the extra mile by providing added luxuries. Although you don't necessarily have to place a mint on their pillow, provide your visitors with stylish throw blankets in case they get too cold. Create a chic guest-bedroom with elegant window coverings to ensure privacy.
  • Quench their thirst: Sometimes house guests are too shy to speak up and ask for a glass of water or a snack. Try adding a stylish bar-cart to your living or dining room for a practical, yet fancy, touch. Nothing says old-fashion hospitality quite like a vintage bar-cart.

If you're looking for new custom curtains and drapes this season, be sure to stop by Metropolitan Window fashions or invite us into your home by using our complimentary shop-at-home service. A trained decorator will visit your home with samples, measure your windows and give you a price quote at the end of your appointment!

Presentation is everything when hosting a cocktail party

Presentation is everything when hosting a cocktail party wjfigw4q3

'Tis the season to be jolly! What better way to catch up with friends and family than treating them (and yourself) to tasty snacks and cocktails? If you're hosting a holiday soiree in your house or apartment, some simple design tips can make your at-home bar more efficient and aesthetically pleasing. After all, presentation is everything. Take a look at some helpful hints below:

  • Be practical: An island bar will make you feel less isolated from your party and won't trap you in a corner like some other styles do. Furthermore, this function is large enough for storing alcohol on the bottom, while providing a chic mixing station on top.
  • Get creative: "To make fantastic, creative cocktails, there's no need to stock your bar with 12 brands of expensive vodka and a rainbow's worth of brightly colored liqueurs," reports MarthaStewart.com. "A half-dozen base spirits and a few mixers will not only allow you to turn out a surprising number of cocktail classics but also give you enough to come up with some cool drinks of your own." To further ensure that your drinks look festive and sophisticated, top them with a fancy garnish.
  • Store drinks away from sunlight: If you place alcohol away from direct sunlight, it will last longer. If your bar is located near a window, simply block out the sunlight with stylish custom window coverings

If you're looking for new window décor this holiday season, be sure to contact Metropolitan Window Fashions. Through our free shop-at-home service, you don't even have to leave the house–so sit back, relax and pour yourself a drink!

Radiant Orchid named “Color of the Year”

Radiant Orchid named “Color of the Year” wjfigw4q3

It's the moment both fashionistas and interior designers alike have all been waiting for: The announcement of Color Authority Pantone's "Color of the Year" for 2014. Pantone has given next year's honors to Radiant Orchid, a stylish combination of pink and purple.

"An enchanting harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones, Radiant Orchid inspires confidence and emanates great joy, love and health ," Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, said in a statement. "It is a captivating purple, one that draws you in with its beguiling charm."

The hot hue has already been showing up in the home sector. Take a look at some of the ways you can stay on trend in your own home by utilizing the versatility of the shade:

  • Flower power: What better way to make use of the popular shade than with an actual orchid? Orchids look great in the home sector and, as a bonus, the plants are known for lasting longer than most flowers. Turn your bedroom into a purple oasis or make your bathroom feel like a spa with the addition of this flower.
  • Purple walls: As we've mentioned before, this year's neutral colors are favoring a hint of color. To truly create a radiant ambiance, select a pale shade of purple paint for your bedroom walls, and accentuate this hue with richer-toned home accessories. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, purple is also known for its soothing properties. Custom drapes in orchid will successfully accomplish this design goal, and bring out the feminine undertones in your room. 

If you're looking for custom window coverings in the vibrant shade of orchid, be sure to stop by Metropolitan Window Fashions or use our shop-at-home service.