Bergen County Window Shades

Bergen County Window Shades

With spring comes spring cleaning, and maybe even some redecorating. If you don’t have the budget, the time, or the need for a complete room makeover, new window treatments can totally change the look of a room without breaking the bank. Try some exciting new colors to add an eye-catching focal point to a room. Need help deciding which treatments are right for you? Should you focus on shades, shutters or blinds? Let a Bergen County window shades specialist help you. Our expertise and years in the field will be invaluable in helping you choose the right shutters, blinds or types of roman shades to use in your home.

Bergen County Window Shades

Roman Shades | Bergen County Window Shades

Roman shades are of one continuous piece of fabric, they have no slats to move up and down. Shades are pulled up and down on rollers. Shades have come a long way, design wise, and are now available in a variety of colors and fabrics. Do you have patterns in the way of wallpaper or cushions? Then a new shade in a solid color would be the perfect compliment. You could choose the main color that is in the room, or an accent color for a more subtle, softer look. Shades can be perfect for privacy or for blocking light.

Shutters | Bergen County Window Shades

Shutters have slats like blinds, but can be a better choice if privacy is an issue. If people can see into your front windows because you live on a busy street, shutters could be perfect for you. They can be set at such an angle as to allow you to look out, without letting passers-by see in. They can be set so that the window can be opened, and still maintain privacy. Shutters are easy to maintain, and keep clean, so if your windows open up toward a high traffic area, dust and dirt are easy to wipe off. Shutters can also keep your cooling bills down, by blocking out sunlight, which makes your air conditioning work less.


Blinds are another great choice for privacy and function. Our blinds are easy to clean and come in many finishes. Do you like hand-crafted wood? We have real wood blinds that add a real elegance to your windows. If your home has a more modern feel and design, our aluminum blinds will polish off the look of any room. They are sleek, modern, and easy to clean, an appealing addition to any modern décor. Looking for durability? Look no further than your window covered with alternative wood blinds. Versatile, and long-lasting, they will not discolor or warp in your window.

Get a Move on

Have you thought of motorized window treatments? If you only have a few to move, a remote control is the perfect way to move them. If you would like to have control over the whole house, an App may be the way you want to go. Have control of any window in the palm of your hand anytime, anywhere. Motorization of your window treatments makes them cordless, meaning improved safety for small children. Technology is part of our everyday lives, now it can help set the individual comfort and privacy levels of each window treatment in your home. Some windows require more privacy, or sunlight blockage. Setting each window treatment separately and remotely, can lower heating and cooling bills, and maintain privacy at the level you need. If you have decided you would like a new look for your windows, but are still unsure where to start, contact a Bergen County window shades specialist today. We are here to assist you, and to dress your windows to the height of fashion.

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