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window fashions and home decor fabrics animale collection

Some of the biggest trends in window fashions and home decor this spring are bringing together contemporary colors and elements of the natural world for unique design. The fabrics of Robert Allen have introduced a new line of fabrics from Beacon Hill. The Animale Collections features bold colors that bring in the essence of the nature to make an incredible statement of design and harmony. Paired easily with the contrast of woods and natural fibers, these new fabrics become a focal point of color. The craftsmanship takes upscale design one step further as the intricate details of exquisite threads and fabrics combine for a one-of-a-kind experience. Your window fashions and home decor will highlight the beauty of your home with rich colors and elegant textures.


window fashions and home decor fabrics bold colorsNatural Patterns: Plumassier

The inspiration behind many of the fabrics in this collection echo patterns in the natural world. Featured in bold colors and unique designs, the result is modern complexity–and simply stunning. Taking cues from nature, the creative craftsmanship seen in this collection can add textured style to your home decor with custom upholstery and sophisticated window fashions.


window fashions and home decor fabrics illuminatingIlluminating Hues: Phosphorescent

Speaking of bold colors, the tones found in this collection will add a focal point in your home with window fashions and home decor. Influenced by the colors of the sky–robust shades that range from the bright rays of sunrise to the depth of a starry night–illumination and style will create a unique look in your home.


window fashions and home decor fabrics metallicMetallic Elements: Winged Victory

Metals have been an important feature in design, always offered in a range to meet your personal style choices, from the manufactured allure of heavy metals to sparkling silvers and golds. Fabrics that incorporate metallic design will bring that ‘extra special something’ to your window fashions and home decor. Within this collection of fabrics from Beacon Hill and Robert Allen Design, metallic accents add a contemporary sheen to the soft look of natural elements.

Do you love this latest trend in window fashions and home decor? Bring the natural world into your home for soothing harmony and upscale design! Create a unique look with amazing textures, patterns and colors with the Animale Collection from Beacon Hill and Robert Allen Designs. Our design consultants will come to you for a fun-filled shop-at-home experience to add beauty and elegance to your home. Contact us, at Metropolitan Window Fashions, to get started today!

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